Nuphedragen Review

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Nuphedragen ReviewIf you have accumulated little more fat with passing days, Nuphedragen may be the answer to it. No wonder, the manufacturers are “gaga” over their product and keep praising it through their site. According to them, it is definitely the only product to look up to in weight loss industry.

They claim that they have the unique formula for weight reduction that is quite new in the world of weight loss products. Well, though this might be little exaggeration except for a single ingredient. Also, the product may lack sufficient evidence to prove its efficacy.

We will have to derive whether Nuphedragen is a quality product by studying its various ingredients and comparing it with those of other products.

Let’s do it:

1) Synephrine:

As we know ephedra was much in vogue before the introduction of synephrine, which is a chemical cousin of ephedra. Citrus aurantium from which synephrine is derived is thought to be a great fat burner that aids in quick weight loss. As we said earlier, definitive clinical evidence lacks so that we cannot boast about the efficacy and safety of Citrus aurantium.

In different studies conducted by varied databases and search collaborations do not substantiate the tall claims of Nuphedragen and say that definitive results for rapid weight loss with herbal safety cannot be guaranteed. This however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try for the product and experiment with its quality ingredients.

Some evidence does go in favor of Nuphedragen but also state that many more researches and studies should be directed to evaluate exactly the role of Nuphedragen in weight loss. Also research should be done to rule out any side effects by various clinical trials.

2) Phenylethylamine:

Do you love chocolates? Well, who doesn’t? And who doesn’t love the typical “high” experienced after eating quality chocolates? For this unique phenomenon, phenylethylamine is responsible. It is an amphetamine-related chemical compound that is supposed to increase body’s metabolism and burn fat faster.

But considering the fact that monamine oxidase enzyme in the body metabolizes phenylethylamine and prevents entry of even smallest amounts from entering the blood stream, it will be a daring to say that it is so much a helpful fat burner.

That’s why while adding phenylethylamine in any weight loss product, one also needs to add natural monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) so that the metabolism is prevented and thus it helps to burn fat faster. But Nuphedragen doesn’t seem to contain these inhibitors.

Among the products that contain MAOI for faster fat burning, Gaspari’s Cytolean tops the list. It contains naturally occurring 5 MAOIs. Another product, Nutrex’s Lipo 6X contains one MAOI in its formula thus augmenting the fat burning process.

3) Chocamine:

It is an extract from cocoa plant. This is one of the ingredients that truly helps in burning fat. The methylxanthines present act as caffeine or related compounds. Biogenic amines are the neurotransmitter related compounds. There are also amino acids, phytonutrients, and minerals that aid in fat burning process.

Among all these elements, only caffeine can be boasted to have adequate fat burning properties though. Also the ingredient lacks sufficient clinical evidences to support its fat burning capability.

4) DiCaffeine Maleate:

This can be said as one of the quality additions to the caffeine product. For burning fat, the combination of caffeine and malic acid definitely works better for weight loss. Also, the combination is easily assimilated by the stomach and is not heavy like many other ingredients. Though we find that there is augmentation in the fat burning process by addition of malic acid, clinical evidences are not again sufficient to prove so.


After we saw the properties and ingredients of Nuphedragen, we come to conclusion that caffeine present in the product definitely has good fat burning properties supported by certain studies and clinical trials. However, many more researches have to be aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of other ingredients in sphere of boosting the caffeine action for the safe and effective weight loss.

Also, the cost of the product is a little bit extreme. For a bottle you need to pay $60 with little discount for bulk purchases. You should have good study and compare yourself many other products in the weight loss industry and then give Nuphedrine a try if you are satisfied with its reviews.

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