Nuphedrine Review

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Nuphedrine ReviewThose people who want to shed those extra pounds are overwhelmed to have so many products in the market, which claim to help them. Weight loss product market is one of the soaring markets with so many new additions over pretty short time. Nuphedrine is one among the top weight loss products having tall claims. Is it really worth a purchase? Or like many other weight loss products, it is just the advertisement product without innate value? Well, let’s see.

Among various fat burners, the place of Nuphedrine is quite higher. The high ranking is basically due to two major ingredients of Nuphedrine- Hoodia and Advantra-Z! These two ingredients have been praised so many time by various weight loss products. The fat burning industry is running on these two major ingredients (mostly).

No doubt, Nuphedrine is so much hyped by the weight loss industry because of its patented ingredients like Hoodia and Advantra-Z. Also, it is popular because of another ingredient- “Slimaluma”.

To know exactly the importance of various ingredients of Nuphedrine, some study has to be done. Only then we can ascertain its true value in the weight loss market. Let’s begin!

Following are the ingredients of Nuphedrine


Advantra-Z is a patented synephrine. You must be aware of hoards of fat burners containing ephedra. Since the introduction of Synephrine, an alkaloid derived from citrus aurantium, many products started using it as a fat burner instead of ephedra. And now as ephedra is considered illegal, use of Advantra-Z is increased manifolds. The most promising part of synephrine is that it yields possibly all the benefits of ephedra without causing any of its nasty side effects. So no more jitters, sleepless nights, tachycardia, and hypertension!

However, the supports which prove the above mentioned facts are minimal. They do not substantiate the claims very firmly. Also there have been results of hypertensions and tachycardia even with synephrine. About the fat burning properties, further researches and studies are required to prove its efficacy in weight loss. No doubt, the claims are not false. They do have substance because the ingredients are universally accepted fat burners. But regarding the efficacy and safety, certain definitive evidences are still missing.

On the negative side, in a database called Cochrane Collaboration Database, MEDLINE, EMBASE, and BIOSIS, after careful research, no definitive evidence was found that supports the utility of synephrine in weight loss. Also, these researches failed to prove safety of the herb for routine use.

But there is no need to believe that all studies were negative. One of the studies conducted at the University of McGill in Montreal, were pretty positive about synephrine. But during the study, it was also evident that blood pressure and heart rate were not directly related to citrus auratium, which is responsible for increased metabolism. Definitive impact of citrus auritium (about 4%) was observed on thermogenesis. This is good to see on paper though, because its clinical significance is negligible. With this rate, you may lose approximately 1kg over 6 months.

How to trust synephrine then? Should we or shouldn’t we? Well, looking into various reviews, we can say that if you have realistic expectations without hope for any miracle, then yes, the product is probably worth purchasing. After all, burning additional 500 calories per day by accentuating your body’s metabolism does hold some value. Some more research however is warranted for comprehencing its true nature and its efficacy on all planes.


If you go through the huge galore of weight loss products online, you will find that most products claim to have hoodia gordonii. Well, the utility of hoodia as an appetite suppressant is unquestionable but this is also true that the ingredient lacks clinical evidence supported by researches. We would like to have some sort of firm database that proves hoodia’s capability to suppress appetite naturally. Only definitive evidence can show us that the ingredient that has received so warm welcome by the weight loss community stands true or not.

Most importantly, assessing the nature of hoodia present in any weight loss combination is crucial. As we said earlier, almost all products claim to have hoodia that is such a precious herb grown only in Kalahari deserts. It is impossible to have so much hoodia available for so many products, as the herb is hard to grow. Thus, even if your product has hoodia, the question remains that whether it is the authentic hoodia or its substitute in some other form. Nuphedrine, in this case, probably doesn’t use real Hoodia extract.


Like hoodia, Slimaluma was traditionally used by ancient Indians for appetite suppression when on voyage. It is an extract from an edible plant called Caralluma Fimbriata. However some studies support its capacity to suppress appetite and also believe that it does reduce the waist-hip ratio if consumed for a period of around two months. But it is also said that for gaining valid results, the product should contain at least 1gm of Slimaluma.

If Nuphedrine contains that much quantity of Slimaluma, then yes, it may be of use. While purchasing any weight loss product, the question persists that whether in a certain product the mentioned ingredients are included in valid dosages? Same is the case with Nuphedrine. Though we know all ingredients that may help you reduce those bulges, do we know the exact quantity in which they are being used? These things have to be clarified as in case with any other weight loss product.

Also, Nuphedrine is quite costly as compared to other products containing similar ingredients. But if the product does give good results, then we may assume that it contains quality and patented herbs and not junk. However another issue is worth noticing. Be sure that after you purchase Nuphedrine, the company should give you the same product that you added in your shopping cart.


Do not settle for anything less. There are companies that try to sell illegal products like ephedra instead of the products you have asked for. Such things are really shocking and put another question mark on our decision to purchase.

Do not go by the hype and also do not fall prey to overt criticism. After all, unless you try, you may never know the true value.

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