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p90x2 reviewDoes p90x really work? If you’ve been reading through p90x reviews, you should have learned the premise of the whole Beach Body program founded as founded by its major holders Tony Horton. You may have heard how much of a high intensity level training it is that also keeps a good watch on every member’s diet, especially with their signature Shakeology Replacement Shake that encompasses all the protein and nutritional needs a person could have. So, does p90x work? People say it does, but it didn’t really go as expected for me.

Ideal Regimes Considered by p90x2 as Mythical

Bulking Up

A lot of fitness enthusiasts tend to get confused whether they’d go ahead and lift heavy weights for a head start or boost up on some calories first. This has been a subject of debate by many individuals, especially for those who lacks the weight to burn. Many think bodybuilding is a good feat in developing some good abs for those who lacks weight; While others believe that it is necessary to eat a lot of calories first, to pack the body with the necessary fats to churn and burn into muscles. Which is a myth? and which is a fact?

Shedding it off

As a general rule, for you to consider cutting down as an initial exercise, your body mass should be above 10%. Though there are some who are a little bit above that mark who managed to pull it off; cutting down if you’re way above 10% is can already be considered as a safe enough index. Primary reason why you should shed off some excess fats first is for superficial reasons: muscles look a lot better when you’re lean.

Eating it up

On the other hand, for the case of skinny people; obviously, bulking up should be considered first. It is important that they pump up their body fats level to a maximum of 10%. For obvious reasons, having no fat would mean having no mass to shape. So, if you’re skinny and want to get into bodybuilding, for starters lift some free weights, eat a lot and have adequate amount of sleep. However, be mindful that you don’t over do eating; keep in mind that the target body fat percentage is at least 10% maximum.

Keeping Track With Your Intake the p90x Way

Diet is probably the most controversial part of any fitness training. Beach Body’s p90x considerably welcomes the thought of inadequate dieting, especially with how they encourage their members to resort to consuming more Shakeology diet shakes every day. On the brighter side of the story, Tony Horton sure is honest on a couple vital notes about calories and the proper intakes.

Putting Calories into Numbers

During an actual session with the founder himself Tony Horton, he discussed to us several important notes about calories, in every sense of it deemed necessary as knowledge towards keeping a good watch on fitness. They are as follows:

1. Counting the calories in food is fairly easy; you just have to determine whether the food that you’ll be either is packed with Carbohydrates, protein or fats, and then associate them with these numbers per quantity.

Protein and Carbohydrates: 4 kcal/gram
Fats: 9 kcal/gram

2. After knowing the digits behind the amount of food that you eat, it is now time to determine the amount of calorie per day that you need to condition your body for a lifestyle of bodybuilding. For starters, this can be done by calculating your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): the measurement of the body’s caloric need to maintain its weight. There are many BMR calculation online that could instantly provide you the calculations of your BMR. A BMR calculator will actually need your age, current weight, target weight, height and activity level as the baseline data for the result.

3. In order to shed off some weight, for individuals who need to cut down: subtract 250 to 500 kcal from your daily caloric intake. In a span of one month, you’d already lose 2 pounds.

Three Major Things Unattended to By p90x2

Your fats or muscles won’t really shape up by themselves. Of course, you need to work it out to make it happen. Unfortunately, p90x2 has forgotten to include these three major training requirements for effective bodybuilding:


This is among the most vital forms of resistance training. Its main goal is to shorten the length of the muscles during the workout. With the virtue of resistance (may it be from the weight of the dumbbells or gravity), the muscles are built and are toned. A classic example of this type of training the are free weights lifting, push ups and squats; where muscle is flexed against the weight of a heavy or force of a stationary object.


Unlike Isotonic training, Isometric on the other hand contracts the muscle by holding on to a single pose or remaining static. These exercise are often called the “non-movers”. Among the most common form of isometric training or exercises are Yoga and Pilates; these exercises do a lot of stationary poses while bending or stretching a muscle. Basically, a simple stretching is already a form of isometric exercise. This exercise can help strengthen the integrity of the muscles and ligaments.


Isokinetic exercises provide an inconstant resistance towards a constant movement of a limb or muscle. The most common equipment used for this type of exercise is a stationary bike. This training can increase your resistance towards injuries, for it hones the limbs and the muscles to become as versatile as they can be towards a strong and opposing force.

The Whiter Shades of p90x2

Cardio Exercise of the p90x2 Program

The p90x2 tends to do things in a different yet more effective way. Its cardio exercises provide a vast number of advantages to your health. If you want to be a fitness and bodybuilding junkie, not only will it help you shed off some excess fats, it will also help you develop the ff:

  • increased energy levels
  • regulate metabolism
  • control weight

Strength Training the p90x2 Way

Another great thing I really love about the program is its hardcore factor. Reaching the 45th day of the program, which means halfway for the 90-day goal, will make you realize how almost likely it is superhero workout. You begin with easy stretches and warm-ups. Once your body is fully conditioned for the tougher parts, where you will have a more frequent strength training through multiple salmon ladders, army push-ups, rapid pull-ups and so on.


Does p90x2 work? It has its up just as it has it downs. It would have worked if it did have a complete package and proper ways of setting out a real bodybuilding game plan.

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