P90X3 Review

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P90X3 ReviewBeachbody is a popular brand famous for building a variety of comfortable workout programs available in the market. In fact, the company’s name has become the first preference of the fitness freaks in the past few years after the launch of a wide range of programs like T25, P90X2, P90X, Insanity Asylum and Insanity. Moving ahead on the path of success with a vow to give the best fitness programs to its customers, the company will release the third version of the P90X series called as P90X3 very soon. With the release of the third program of P90 series on December 10, 2013, it has got the third successor. P90X3 is certainly an amazing mixture of the qualities of the first and second series of P90X.

The best part about this program is it has function for giving the workouts more in demand in almost half the time than its predecessor series. Without any doubt, it can give the best workout to one’s body in as little as 30 minutes on a daily basis. In the present day’s life where very less time is left for taking care of one’s health after the day’s work, it is a perfect program to hit in any of the 30 minutes break you take during the entire day or in the evening.

P90X3: Options Available

Keeping in view the needs of the customers, the P90X3 series is made available in four options. You can buy the base kit, the deluxe, the ultimate and the challenge pack, the highest version of the series. In order to have a good understanding about all the four options, let’s discuss all the options one by one

Base Kit

First is the P90X3 Base Kit which costs $119.85. It offers 16 workouts on 8 DVDs following a standard 90 day workout calendar. It includes a nutrition guide as well as a fitness guide to help you do the workout with proper nutrition. Apart from this, it also gives a DVD which introduces the whole program and makes you familiar with it. It has P9OX one on one in one leg DVD. For resolving the queries of the customers, it gives free online support.

Deluxe Kit

Second is P90X3 Deluxe Kit worth $239.70. It is the upper version of the base kit. The deluxe kit offers 16 workouts on 8 DVDs including 3 elite extreme workouts on 1 additional DVD based on a standard 90 day workout calendar with additional elite block calendar. It gives nutrition guide, fitness guide and an introduction DVD to make people understand the program. Apart from this, it offers free online support, one month E and E tub and 3 B- lines resistance bands.

Ultimate Kit

Third option is P90X3 Ultimate Kit which costs $329.55 is the upper version of the deluxe kit. It offers 16 workouts on 8 DVDs and 3 elite extreme workouts on 1 additional DVD following the standard 90 day workout calendar including the elite block calendar. It gives one nutrition guide, a fitness guide and an introduction DVD. Not only this, it also offers free online support, 1 month E and E supplements tub, P90X chin up bar, 3 B lines resistance bands, and a beachbody jump mat.

Challenge Kit

Fourth and the highest version of the P90X3 series is the P90X3 challenge Pack which offers 16 workouts on 8 DVDs following a standard 90 day workout calendar. It gives a nutrition guide, fitness guide and an introduction DVD. It also offers P90X one on one in one leg DVD. Other than this, you get free online support, a 30 day supply of shakeology and a 30 day VIP team beachbody club membership.

Programs Offered by P90X3 Series

Some of the programs offered by P90X3 series are classic, lean, doubles and mass. The Classic program spread in 90 days targets to give you the best whole body workout focusing on strength, cardio and conditioning. The lean program basically aims at slimming down your physique and burning fat. As the name suggests, doubles allows you to double your workout schedule and do two workouts of 30 minutes each on a daily basis. Doubles is exactly as it sounds. It is double the workouts each day. Mass is a new addition in the P90X3 series which basically aims at increasing muscle mass in the body and helps in putting on weight.

Advantages of P90X3 Program

A short and effective workout

You can directly take the P90X3 challenge without having tried the previous versions. Just a 30 minute workout on daily basis makes it easy for anyone to fit it even in a busy schedule.

Full of Variety

To avoid boredom, it has 16 workouts with a P90X app to check your progress. Also, it is a great thing to know that this program requires you to have minimal equipments to give it a try.

For Individuals of Every Fitness Level

The biggest advantage of this program is its suitability and usefulness for individuals of every fitness level. For people who are not so physically fit, it gives modifications for every exercise in the workout DVDs which makes it easier for them to adapt to the program. In case you feel that you are perfectly fit to do the workouts, then you can directly go with the unmodified exercises. Doubles approach and the Elite Block can be used by those who love taking fitness challenges and are already at the top of their fitness level. So, it gives options for people of all the fitness levels. The ability to increase the 30 minutes workout to 60 minutes on a daily basis and vegan option included with the nutritional plan are additional advantages.

Disadvantage of P90X3 Program

The only disadvantage I find about this program is the cost factor which seems too expensive for a home workout program. It is not easy to spend such a huge amount for an equipment to be used at home. However, when you compare this amount to the fee required for joining a gym, it seems very less and cost effective as well.

A Must Try Program

As per this P90X3 review, P90X3 is a must try if you want to get fit in a short span workout on a daily basis. Keeping in view the guidance books and support offered with it, it is an easy program worth its cost to get you back in your perfect shape you always dreamed for.

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