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Phone Detective ReviewIs Phone Detective Legit or a Scam?

There are times when your phone rings, but you can’t figure out the number. People always get calls from unknown numbers they’re unable to recognize. They keep wondering who the number belongs to. In fact, you may also get text messages from unknown numbers. This can be quite annoying and frustrating. Until you’ve solved this mystery, you can’t keep your mind to rest. These days, there are numerous services on the Internet which claim they can provide Reverse Phone Number Searches.

Unfortunately, there are not any free websites to obtain such information, and looking up unknown numbers calling your phone. Reverse Phone Search services can provide the subscriber with accurate Name and Addresses of the unknown caller. While some websites change a one time fee for a search, others offers unlimited searches with a one year subscription.

There are also some websites which offer unlimited lifetime access for a nominal fee. There’s a basic reason for this fee. Reverse Phone Search websites need to pay a good amount of money to have access to real time, up to date information of subscribers from phone service provider databases. In this review, we’ve discussed everything about one such service – Reverse Phone Detective.

Product Overview

Reverse Phone Detective is an exceptional membership system which helps you track a phone number in the United States. The company has over 250 million data files, including toll free, home, personal, company and unlisted numbers on file. Thus, this service can allow you to locate any unknown number. Using this service can help you look up unknown numbers within seconds.

This service allows you to perform a reverse phone search without any problems. With this particular service, you can easily locate the actual name and address of the person calling you. A reverse mobile search also helps you find solutions when you’re concerned about a prank caller, disloyal partner, solicitors and more.

Every record from Reverse Phone Detective includes:

  • Phone owner’s name and current address
  • Line type – Cellular or Land line
  • Family members
  • Likely neighbors and other relations
  • Phone carrier, company and service provider
  • Satellite maps
  • Providing location
  • Additional phone numbers owned by the person
  • Owner’s address records

Regardless of your purpose, Reverse Phone Detective service can help you obtain the solutions you may be looking for. You won’t be confused or worried about unknown numbers calling you. In addition to this, Reverse Phone Detective works in a straightforward way.

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Search the Number – The first step of the process is to type a telephone number in the look up box and start your search.

Examine the Outcomes – The next step is to examine the outcomes. These will include the basic details about the number, including city, state and more.

Pay for Comprehensive Results – If you want comprehensive results, you will have to pay a nominal fee. This will provide you with the caller’s name, address and more information.

There can be many different reasons for looking up an unknown number on a reverse phone search service. Some of these reasons include :

  • Trying to determine the source of a prank caller
  • Study various numbers which show up on your phone bill
  • Find an old friend from your past days
  • Recognize various missed calls on your caller ID
  • Verify and validate an address

When you’re using this exceptional service, you consent to use the information you discovered only for legally allowed purposes. Due to the stringent terms and conditions of the service, you won’t be worried about breaking any laws. You will not possess any information to which you don’t have the right to know.


With Reverse Phone Detective, reviewing numbers which have called you is very easy and convenient. You just need to enter the number in the look up box on the website, and you’re done. You don’t have to fill any lengthy forms or provide extra information to the company. Thus, everything is less time consuming and straightforward.

This service can provide you with some peace of mind. When you have an idea about who called you, it makes sure you’re able to call the person back. This can be very helpful if you’ve been expecting important calls from office, job interviews, lawyers and more. Moreover, if a family member or friend was calling you from a different phone, you may get an idea about this unknown number and call them back.

At times, people call you over, but you tend to forget the address. With this service, you can easily verify someone’s address without having to put yourself through the embarrassment of calling the person back and asking again. This can be quite helpful when you’ve to visit a company for a job interview, plan a date with your partner or visit a party.

There are times when you may receive some harassing phone calls from someone. This service allows you to easily find out where those phone calls are coming from, and take appropriate action against the culprits.

When you receive a mobile phone bill, there may be some numbers you don’t recognize. However, this does not mean you have to go through a long and annoying process of talking with customer care representatives to find out what happened. You can use Reverse Phone Detective to look up these numbers and find out the name and address of the owners.

Sometimes, you get calls from numbers which have a weird area code. You may also get calls from toll free numbers. With this service, you can instantly find out where the person is calling from. This can be very helpful to avoid long distance charges. You don’t have to pick up unnecessary and unwanted numbers


There are some customers who believe that the website’s interface could be improved. However, as long as it serves the purpose, this does not cause any major problems. Some people also think that the service is overpriced. However, the company has to pay a good amount of money to collect numbers from databases of mobile phone carriers.


It is quite clear that Reverse Phone Detective offers numerous benefits to customers. It gives a chance to avoid unwanted callers on your mobile phone, while giving you an opportunity to find out information about unknown callers. Most importantly, it is an affordable and reliable service.

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