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PixelMate ReviewIn today’s time, it has become increasingly important for us to have an online presence, especially if you are running an online business or website. In order to promote our business or website, we are required to post about it on social media platforms so, that the word can be communicated to a maximum number of audience. However, you are also required to grab the attention of the audience as well when you post something about your business or website on the social media. Now the problem is that posting a simple text is considered to be weak as it fails to grab the attention of the audience. Plain text is considered to be too boring for the audience.

Therefore, we have just the right solution for you known as the PixelMate with the help of which you can design animated graphics with ease. If you use these animated graphics along with your social media posts then you can easily make your posts attractive and attention grabbing for your audience. This will help you to get the more audience and leads for your sales. Today, in this particular article we are going to review all the important points about PixelMate.

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What is the PixelMate Review program?

If you want to post attention-grabbing posts on your social media platform then you can make use of pixelmate. It has a collection of over 100 DFY high converting graphics templates. All of these templates can be easily customized according to your own need. Other than that pixelmate also provides you with the real-time tracker that can help you to keep a check on the number of clicks and views on each of your campaigns. With the help of this feature, you can easily manage your campaigns on any social media platform.

This amazing product has been created by Mo Miah who is a digital marketer. The other members of the team include Ugochukwu Onwucheckwa and Missan Morrison. All of these people are talented software developers who have their friends in animated advertisements. With their years of experience, they want to share with us the amazing product called the pixelmate.


Before you use any product it becomes extremely important for you to know the detailed features of it. Speaking of which, the PixelMate is known to come packed with a plenty of useful features. With the help of this particular program, you can create an unlimited number of animated videos, banners, GIF and much more. It takes only a few minutes to create all of that. You can also get a live preview of the animated graphics campaign before you publish it.

The program also comes with a library that is loaded with over 1000 in-built templates that you can make use of. other than that the program also comes with a real-time tracking system which helps you to keep a track of the number of clicks and views that you received on your campaign.

The program also has a flexible editor along with 200 text fonts, 16 animation effects, undo and redo function and many more useful features that can make your task easy. You can also create a multiple image slide presentation with the help of this program. Also, you can download various designs in different formats which include HTML, MP4, JPEG, and GIF etc.

Thus, you can see the number of features that the program provides you with. For any type of online campaign, you can make sue of PixelMate in order to make it look attractive.


The program also has several benefits to offer which are as follows:

  • The program doesn’t require any high budget.
  • You don’t require any special skills or talent in order to use this program. It is easy and simple to use.
  • With the help of this program, you can actually manage to save a lot of time that goes into the creation of animation creation.
  • The software is very easy to manage and even a beginner can handle it.
  • The program is a 100% cloud-based software.
  • The program is also supported on multiple devices which basically means that you can sue it from any device you want.


You require a good internet connection in order to work with the program. Other than this the program doesn’t have any other flaws.

Who should buy it?

This program is ideal for the ones who want to post creative campaigns online. If you own an online business or website then you should definitely try this program out for your benefit. At the same time, you don’t even have to waste much time and money after the program as well.


The price of the product is only $27 which is quite cheap in comparison to the other similar programs that are available out there. This basically means that you can have all you need to make your online campaigns as creative as you can at an affordable price. Also, it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee as well.


The program is also known to come with a number of bonus materials as well which can be of extra help to you. It comes with an HTML 5 business ad template worth of $47. Other than that it also comes with a full live training webinar worth of $67. The program also provides you with a license to ‘VeedPilot’ which has a worth of $127.

It can be a bit hard to believe but yes, the program does offer you with so many expensive bonuses as well and that too for free. Al you have to do is pay for the program and you can avail all of this for free.


Thus, it can be concluded that PixelMate is one of the most useful designing platforms that can be sued by you in order to make attractive campaigns online. With the help of this particular product, you can gain more leads and sales online. Also, the product is cheap and comes with a number of expensive bonuses as well which can be of great use to you. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it now!

8.5 Total Score

If you want to post attention-grabbing posts on your social media platform then you can make use of pixelmate.

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