Quick Trim Burn & Cleanse Review

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Quick Trim Burn & Cleanse ReviewWelcome to my Quick Trim warning. I say this because there so many sites out there with their QuickTrim reviews, that make far-fetched claims about this weight loss diet pill. Here I will give you my unbiased review and experience with QuickTrim Extreme Burn, without any false promises and hype. I will also be delving into a better, safer alternative that anyone can use. More on that later…

SIDE-NOTE: You may not like what I have to say about Quick Trim and my weight loss journey. So if you are someone that believes that magic fat-burning pills really exist, then you may as well leave now. Otherwise, keep reading…

An Introduction To QuickTrim

Endorsed by Kim and Khloe Kardashian, QuickTrim seems to be the most spoken about diet pill on the market. I too was impressed by their claims like:

  • Burn up to 8000 calories per month!
  • Lose weight 3 times faster than with diet and exercise alone.
  • Cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.

Hey, with those claims, I was VERY curious to give it a go. But first I wanted to know more about how these pills actually work. After scouring the web, visiting various review sites, forums and blogs, this is what I learned about QuickTrim.

How It Works:

The QuickTrim weight loss formula is comprised of over 22 natural ingredients, like caffeine anhydrous, capsicum fruit extract, metabromine, and bioperine, blueberry, grape, raspberry, blackberry, acai, resveratrol, macqui berry, pomegranate, cherry, n-acetyl-tyrosine, ashwagandha, green tea leaf extract, banana leaf extract, gymnema sylvestre extract, sclariolide, raspberry ketones, white willow bark and cinnamon bark extract.

Now what these pills are supposed to do is to slowly release the various nutrients into your body, which in turn is meant to:

  • boost your energy levels,
  • burn fat,
  • regulate your blood sugar levels, and
  • curb cravings

And that’s basically how it works.

Now with all that research out of the way, I was ready to buy my first month supply of Quick Trim. BUT…

When I finally received it, I was in for a nasty surprise…

After everything that was said, the Quick Trim diet never lived up to its reputation. In fact, it made me regret ever buying it at all. And here is why.

My Problems With QuickTrim:

First off, QuickTrim is not some special pill, where fat will miraculously melt off your body. NO! Without eating healthily and working out really hard, there is no chance of you losing weight quickly – unless of course you starve yourself. This is what I found out the hard way!

Although Kim Kardashian claims to have lost over 20 something pounds within the first month, what she doesn’t say is that it took her a personal trainer and working out 2 TIMES A DAY to get her into that amazing shape. Now, I do not know about you, but I’m a full-time working mother, and I’m lucky if I have 30 minutes a day to myself – never-mind to work out!

Secondly, I experienced some of the worst side-effects from these pills. From my very first day, I felt nauseous, light-headed, and on a constant buzz from all the caffeine in the pills. Yes, Quick Trim does give you the impression of having more energy, but it’s not real energy – it’s simply a caffeine high. If I wanted that I would have settled on a coffee diet!

Although I was feeling the side-effects (which apparently many others have felt too), I gave the Kardashians the benefit of the doubt and decided to continue on with the program for the full month. And what a mistake that was! In the first 14 days I just kept telling myself that I was going through a detox and all those healthy ingredients were simply cleansing the toxins out of my body. But when the side-effects persisted, on day 24 I finally listened to my body and gave the QuickTrim pills the boot!

In the end I did manage to lose about 4 pounds in those 24 days, but it was mostly because I hardly ate anything. You try eat when you feel nauseous! I barely managed to even keep water down.

Anyway, although I did lose some faith in the weight loss industry.

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