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renew system reviewWhat exactly is The Renew System and How Does It Work?

Elementary science level states that air consists of oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, inert gases, and nitrogen. These gases cumulatively make up air in the atmosphere. The amount of oxygen that we breathe in should be more than the carbon dioxide we breathe out. However, in the recent past, it has been noted that the amount of carbon dioxide in air spaces is more than oxygen. This unequal percentage of gases has resulted to some lifestyle problems. For instance, headaches and fatigues can be connected to the atmosphere.

We should breathe out 300 parts per million carbon dioxide particles. However, today, there are more than 400 parts per million carbon dioxide particles. Congested spaces that have more carbon dioxide levels are tiny rooms. Over congested rooms have more space to retain carbon dioxide particles than spacious rooms. Increase in carbon dioxide results to fatigue, drowsiness and low productivity. According to Air Force, carbon dioxide affects people’s ability to reason and poor concentration.

Bed rooms also have high levels of carbon dioxide specifically during the night. They have approximately 1500 million parts per million carbon dioxide particles. The high amount of carbon dioxide in the bedroom is associated with drowsiness even though you had rested during the day.

To deal with effects of carbon dioxide on the body, research has been conducted. Researchers have come up with Renew System as a solution. Renew System helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our bodies.

The Renew System Details

The renew system is a scientific research book. It contains critical scientific information on carbon dioxide pollution and its effect on our lives. The book has an introduction, tips, tricks and conclusion. The main body features carbon dioxide in relation to fatigue, weight gain, headaches and stress disorders. The system admits that tackling carbon dioxide to eliminate its effects is a challenge. Since carbon dioxide is found everywhere, it becomes a challenge.

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This book is short with an easy-to-read language. From the book, you learn tips on how to reduce carbon dioxide from the environment. The book discusses reversal of effects as a means to reduce toxic gases from the air. Positive changes are felt after only 20 minutes.

Topics that are covered in the book include:

  • Carbon dioxide as a gas.
  • 10 seconds tricks to reverse fatigues, headaches and lethargy.
  • The US Air Force Study on breathing in toxic levels of gases.
  • vHow to clear your body of toxins in minutes per day.

The renew system has been tested in scientific research labs. The system has also been tried out by various people. They all report that their lifestyles have improved ever since they tried the system.

Diabetics who practice this system can really benefit so far. High amounts of carbon dioxide in your system will result to a drop in pH level of the blood. Your blood becomes more acidic. This is known as acidic blood syndrome. Acidic blood stores more blood sugar in the blood as fats. To prevent this problem, the system reverses the pH of blood into alkaline blood. In other cases, the system reverses symptoms of pre-diabetes.


  • This system reduces headaches and anxiety in only twenty minutes. You feel more relaxed and your head clears. The system enables blood circulation into the brain. Hence, you are able to think critically. Critical thinking requires high level of concentration. The system increases concentration. In the end you produce high quality work with minimal mistakes. Long span concentration helps you to identify mistakes that you would have otherwise not seen. You become an effective and efficient person.
  • This system is associated with improved metabolism. You become more energetic and have will power to run errands. Your fatigue levels lower which results to high quality performance with increased productivity.
  • People who practice this lifestyle lose weight naturally. The system encourages healthy weight loss without dieting or change in exercise. Since fewer sugars are stored in your body as fats, you lower chances of gaining weight quickly.
  • The system improves your overall well-being so far. This is a purification system that eliminates toxic gases from your environment. Living in a non-polluted environment prevents illnesses and promotes health. This leads to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • When you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, you breathe better. There are more levels of green house gases in the air today. They lead to air pollution. This increases patients with respiratory diseases. They need to breath in clean and pure oxygen as opposed to contaminated gases.
  • The system increases sleep patterns. A good night sleep is important for the body to rest. When you have uninterrupted sleep, you feel energetic in the morning. However, bad sleep patterns result to fatigue, drowsiness and moodiness during the day. This system inhibits insomnia and promotes healthy sleep patterns.
  • Diabetics and obese people will benefit from this system because it maintains alkaline blood levels. Diabetics require fewer blood sugar levels in their system. Obese need fewer blood sugar so that excess sugars are not converted to fats and stored in the body leading to weight gain. Therefore the system reduces obesity.


There are no prevalent negative issues that arise from this system. However, the product is yet to be accepted in the market. Marketers feel that the product is a useless invested with no returns. This is one of the reasons that the book is not found on Amazon. Secondly, most people do not know that this system exists. Medical practitioners do not advice their patients on this system and its benefits. In case you purchase the product, there is a full refund policy.


Despite its non-acceptance in the market, the Renewal System is one of the best options for a better lifestyle. It’s a cost effective method to reduce stress related illnesses. You sleep better by having less episodes of insomnia. This book costs $79.99. There is a discount offered as well. The return policy guarantees a safe investment if you don’t experience the changes highlighted in the book.

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It is a good system if you need a treatment to fix your exhaustion, headaches,, chronic fatigue & unexplained weight gain problems.

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