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Reverse Your Diabetes Today ReviewI still remember the day my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. She had gone to hospital for her regular check up, only for the doctor to inform her that she had diabetes mellitus. After the diagnosis, the doctor basically told her that her life had to change. She was to take a cocktail of medication, inject herself daily to keep her blood sugar stable, and go for a series of other tests. To say that my mother and our whole family was devastated would be an understatement. My mother would have sunk into depression, had she not bumped into ‘Reverse Your Diabetes Today‘ that not only controlled her diabetes but also changed her whole life.

What exactly is Reverse Your Diabetes Today?

It is a program that is in form of an eBook and it was developed by Matt Traverso. Having suffered from diabetes, the author did several researches and worked with other people with diabetes for him to come up with the book., Whether you have battled diabetes for years, or you have just been diagnosed, the book helps you in understanding different alternative ways you can permanently eliminate diabetes. Since diabetes is characterized by a spike in sugar levels, Traverso guide you on how to eat and live right as the ultimate way to cure diabetes. Basically, a huge part of the book focuses on ‘ What you eat makes who you are……’

The program in detail

The book handles different aspects of diabetes, and all you ever need to know about the disease. You do not need to have diabetes for you to use it. If you are a caregiver to a diabetic patient, or you simply want to know how to prevent diabetes, then you will greatly benefit from it. Some of the issues handles in the program include:

Introduction to Diabetes:

Needless to say, for you to know the right way to deal with diabetes, you need to understand what it is all about. The book offers a clear and simple explanation on what diabetes is. It does not involve the medical jargon synonymous with books that explain medical conditions. It demystifies the condition in very simple language, that regardless of your social standing, you will still find the information useful. It is through the introduction to diabetes that you will finally be able to understand why his recommendation for ‘organic options’ makes sense.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Reaching For the Medicine Cabinet:

Interestingly, the program also explores the dangers of using conventional medicine to treat diabetes. It looks at how chemical companies benefit when people use the medicines they produce, and what you need to know about the medicine before you pop them in your mouth. You will find a lot of surprising details that you didn’t know, and why diet is more important than any drugs that doctors will prescribe for you.

The Relationship between Diet and Diabetes:

Have you ever thought that what you eat is what is causing your diabetes? What exactly do you feed on and how beneficial is it to your body? When you read this book, then you will see the correlation between diet and diabetes. In the program, you will find a list of foods that could be aggravating your diabetes and those that can help in curing the condition.

It guides you on how to eat right, how to keep a feeding schedule and stick to it, and how you can keep your blood sugar in check by simply observing your diet. No pills, no magic, no injection, just diet! There are also different suggestions on how you can detoxify your body and start over, by eliminating disease causing organisms that are present in your body.

So, it doesn’t focus only on diabetes, but also how you can use diet to improve your life and prevent other diseases.

How to live after diabetes:

Like I mentioned earlier, getting a diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming and even stressful. Most people imagine that when the doctor utters the words: “You have diabetes” then your life goes on a standstill and everything else starts revolving around the fact that you are diabetic.

The program guides you on how to live with diabetes. It is basically an inspirational message of hope and living your life to the fullest. Even as you chase a permanent solution to finding a cure, you have to keep living. And that is what the author talks about.


  • The author uses very simple and clear language that is easy to understand. You do not need to worry about getting lost in medical jargon. The language used is meant to communicate to the masses, and it does that effectively.
  • It provides practical guides on the best way to go about finding a permanent solution to diabetes.
  • There is a 7 day trial that goes for 7 Dollars. You can therefore preview the program and see if it suits and satisfies your needs.
  • It focuses on diet. This means that it is not only for people with diabetes. It can be used by people who want to prevent diabetes. It also looks at a holistic way of curing diabetes.
  • People who use it get other benefits such as weight loss, and prevention of other health complications caused by poor diet.
  • One you buy the book, you can access updates of the program, and testimonials from other users.
  • It advises on lifestyle changes, so if you are not ready to make adjustments, then it might not work for you.
  • It is only available for those who have internet access. You have to download it online to access it.

having diabetes does not mean that your life has come to an end. It also doesn’t mean that you will struggle with the condition forever. You can actually reverse it and live your life normally without depending heavily on medication. The book gives you a comprehensive guide on how to go about it. My mother is now energetic, and she goes about her business without worry, thanks to Reverse Your Diabetes Today. So, it is something I would recommend. It is totally worth a try since it will change your life for the better.

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