Robby Blanchard’s 6 Week Shred Diet Review

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6 Week Shred Diet ReviewFor those looking to lose weight, there are literally thousands of different diet and exercise plans and products out there to choose from. Unfortunately, many of these products are nothing more than a waste of your hard earned money. Today we will take a closer look at one of the most popular diet books on the market today, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet written by Robby Blanchard. By looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of the diet plan in this book, you will be able to easily determine whether or not this program is worth both your time and money.

What Is The 6 Week Shred Diet?

6 Week Shred Diet is a fully comprehensive diet and exercise plan that is designed to help people lose up to 4 inches and 2 pants sizes in just 6 short weeks. While the majority of this book is filled with recipes and menu plans, it also contains valuable information about the way the body works and how you can avoid common diet pitfalls.


Detailed Menu Plans

This diet plan includes full menu plans for each day of your 6 week program. This includes not only 3 meals a day, but snacks as well. By laying out for you exactly what you will eat each day, this diet eliminates the need to suffer with food choices. This ultimately eliminates the chances of you choosing a meal that will set back your weight loss progress.

If you are worried about finding foods that you like while on this diet, there really is no need to worry. In addition to the main menu plan, the 6 Week Shred Diet book also provides many substitutions in order to accommodate food allergies and preferences. No matter what type of foods you prefer, you can be sure that your diet will be filled with several delicious menu options.

No Starvation

Far too many diets force you to all but starve yourself in order to lose weight. Robby Blanchard has taken quite a different approach with the 6 week shred diet as he believes that a failure to prevent hunger will ultimately result in the failure of your diet. This is why each day’s menu provides for a very realistic amount of food and calorie intake. In fact, you can count on getting anywhere from 1,300 to 1,800 calories a day, even during the most restrictive weeks of the diet.

Since this diet plan allows you to eat multiple times a day, there is really no reason to go hungry simply because you are trying to lose weight. In the end, this approach will help to significantly increase your chances of successfully losing the weight.

Short Term Commitment

The shred diet lasts only 6 weeks. This is a shorter commitment than most weight loss programs require. While it can be difficult to approach a diet plan that requires you to change the way you think and eat for the rest of your life, the short term commitment required by this program is quite easy to accept.

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Once you begin to lose weight and feel great, you will likely find that continuing your new way of eating is both easy and enjoyable. However, until you reach this point in your diet, focusing on just the next few weeks of your life can help to provide the motivation you need to complete the program in its entirety.

Backed By Science

Many weight loss programs try and offer a quick fix to a lifelong problem. Unfortunately, these programs rarely work because they aren’t based on science. The 6 week shred is different because not only will it allow you to lose weight quickly, but it will allow you to do so by using scientifically proven methods such as restricting calories and ridding the body of toxins.

All of the methods used by Robby Blanchard are backed by scientific research. However, you don’t need to take my word or even his word for it. This is because Robby Blanchard provides you with the research that backs up his statements. This means that you are free to review the research yourself and make your own conclusions if you wish.


Requires Exercise

The 6 week shred diet not only requires you to change the way you eat, but it also requires you to exercise for between 3 and 5 hours a week. For individuals who are looking to start their weight loss through diet changes alone, this can be a rather serious disadvantage of the program.

If you plan on tackling the shred diet without the exercise requirements, you will need to scale back your calories even further. This is because the menu plan is based on the fact that you are burning more calories through exercise. If you are not burning these extra calories, consuming 1,800 calories a day could prevent you from losing weight and may even cause you to gain weight.

Limits Ability To Eat Out

If you often grab your lunch from a local restaurant during the work day or enjoy meeting friends after work for a drink or meal at your favorite hangout spot, this diet could make these rituals far more difficult. This is because the 6 week shred requires you to stick to the menu plan that has been provided for you. Without the ability to alter this plan to reflect the menu choices at your favorite restaurant, eating on the go can quickly become a thing of the past. Instead, you will need to plan ahead for all of your meals. This includes bringing your lunch with you to work rather than grabbing a quick bite with co-workers.


The 6 week shred diet is ideal for individuals who are looking for a diet plan that really lays out all the details for them. With full menu plans for the entire 6 weeks of this diet, there really is no reason to question your food choices.

While this diet is targeted towards people who are looking to lose up to 2 sizes in a short period of time, it can also be quite effective for people with considerably more weight to lose. In fact, the ability to begin losing weight quickly on this plan can often provide the motivation necessary to continue losing weight on a long term diet plan.

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