Save Money With Free Makeup Samples

Free Makeup SamplesGetting free makeup samples can actually make a huge difference to your finances. As you probably already know, makeup and cosmetics can be very costly, particularly if you are a follower of the top brands within the market. While you may not be able to replace your entire makeup box with free samples, you can certainly save a considerable sum of money if you are prepared to utilize products that are available at no cost. In addition, you can try out various products you would not typically consider purchasing. You may just discover that lipstick that you would never think of using in a thousand years because it is not as costly as your present brand but turns out to be of better quality.

Companies typically offer free makeup or cosmetics samples for one of 3 reasons: attract you to the website or store so that you will purchase their products, get your contact details so that they can send advertisements to you, or create excitement regarding a new product. Intelligent purchasers know how to locate the freebies they need whilst avoiding lots of unwanted emails. So, how and where can you find free makeup samples?

Begin At the Source

Visiting the websites of your favorite companies from time to time is an excellent method to find makeup freebies. Some of these companies frequently offer discount coupons or free samples. Even the more pricey cosmetics such as NARS, Stila, and MAC, occasionally advertise samples on the internet.

Cosmetic firms typically ask for your electronic mail address so that they can send sample offers and ads to you, which is a good thing if you enjoy using their products. Nevertheless, the firm should have a plainly stated privacy policy guaranteeing you that they will not sell your contact details to other marketers. Despite that, you may want to consider setting up a secondary electronic mail account with which to receive the offers and ads. This will help ensure that your main mailbox does not get cluttered. Sometimes, firms that sell cosmetics at department stores offer free makeup samples when you buy at the counter. Check online to find out whether your favorite firm offers such freebies, and when.

Tips to Getting These Freebies

Even when the firm is not offering samples officially, intelligent shoppers commonly ask if there is something available to try. Several department stores keep sample sizes at hand; however you need to ask them to give you the samples. Some firms provide small vials to enable the makeup expert create your own, custom-made sample from the tester creams, lipsticks, or other products.

When trying to get these unofficial samples, you should bear in mind that the sales rep is actually doing you a favor. Thus, make sure you are pleasant and try to wear a smiling face. In addition, do not try to grab as much samples as you can. You should ask for just one or two items at a time. Also, if you intend to ask for freebies on a regular basis, make sure you are a good customer as well. You will increase your chances of getting free makeup samples by coming back on a regular basis to purchase some of the cosmetics or makeup you have tried.

If you key-in “free makeup samples” into your favorite search engine, you will get dozens of websites that promise to link you with companies that offer free samples. A number of these sites are kept as a leisure pursuit by ladies who simply enjoy surfing the internet for freebies. These sites monitor which firms are offering freebies and offer links to the websites of these companies. Some even grade the quality of the samples.

Other freebie websites belong to profit firms that collect personal info. These websites typically promise big rewards, such as lots of free samples from various sources or high value vouchers or gift cards. You should consider carefully before you exchange your personal information for free things. Those free stuffs may not be worth it after all, if you end up getting lots of spam emails or having your identity stolen.

You should avoid websites which appear generic and do not have authentic cosmetic reviews, as well as websites with URL’s that read This is because such sites are specifically created to lure unsuspecting shoppers. Instead, you should concentrate more on reputable blogs maintained by makeup professionals who provide authentic freebies. These makeup bloggers who have high traffic websites will typically receive products from big cosmetic companies who wish to publicize their newest products. Also, these blogs usually promise not to disclose your personal information or email address to outside sources or online marketers. The only factor that you need to bear in mind when looking for free makeup samples via different blogs is that some are not verified; also there are no guarantees that these samples are valid.

Other Ways of Obtaining Free Cosmetic Samples

Look out for adverts within your favorite magazines as well as on television. If you look carefully, you may find some free samples from a brand that you have always wanted to try or from a new firm. You may even get some free samples of products that you utilize everyday.

When shopping at a specialty store or drugstore, you should look out for free cosmetic samples linked to items that you have purchased already. For instance, even if you do not require a new container of moisturize right now, you may want to purchase one if you will be given some samples of the firm’s new eye cream.

Even the finest makeup might not be appealing to you. Thus why waste your hard earned money if the product will not work for you. Therefore, do not commit the blunder of purchasing cosmetics or makeup without testing it first. All you have to do is complete the easy forms, and your free makeup samples will be sent to you. Also, you’ll get to enjoy a wide variety of top quality brands without spending a dime from your pocket.

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