Shakeology Review

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Shakeology ReviewShakeology popularly known as beachbody combines the benefits of all the world’s healthiest ingredients into a healthy shake. If you are looking for a meal replacement strategy shakeology might be just the right choice for you. Shakeology comes in different flavors and in this way you get to enjoy your shake in the flavor you like such as the chocolate and fruit flavor.

The ingredients used in making shakelogy provide essential benefits to your body with no hunger or food cravings and in this way it will serves as a meal replacement. With shakeology you can achieve that beachbody as the name suggest without worry of adding extra calories because the ingredients used in making shakeology are strictly low calorie.

Shakeology is made from a variety of ingredients each of them performing a role to make a healthy wholesome shake. Some of the ingredients combined to come up with this healthy drink include:

Shakeology Nutrients

Shakeology has all the nutrients needed for a healthy and energy filled body and some of them include:

Highly absorbable proteins.

Shakeology contains proteins which are instantly absorbed into your body. The proteins help in building the muscle strength of your body. The proteins in the health shake avoid food cravings because the body already has all the nutrients required to sustain it. Amino acids present in the proteins are good for the brain helping enhance memory and focus. The blood sugar is also stabilized by these proteins.

Vitamins and minerals.

Shakeology combines the goodness of vitamins which are available in fruits. For those who don’t get the chance to take fruits all the time this is a great substitute for you. Essential minerals are also available in this health shake.


Phytonutrients used in making shakeology slow the aging process due to the antioxidants properties. The antioxidants products get rid of the damage slow which aid the aging process. Improving the immune system is also one core benefit which comes with taking shakeology and therefore avoiding degenerative conditions.

Prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

Nutrients are absorbed better when you take shakeology keeping in mind that papaya is one of the ingredients used in making the shake. It is well known that papaya is good for digestion and therefore people with digestion problems can take this drink for better digestion and absorption of all the essential nutrients.


Prebiotics helps maintain the good bacteria environment in the intestines that will help in absorption of the essential minerals like calcium which in absorbed in the large intestines.

Preparation of the healthy shake.

Preparation of the shake is very easy and you can either use a shaker or a blender. With a blender you will get a really smooth and a thick drink while with a shaker you get to feel the fragments. Depending on your preference you will decide the kind of drink you prefer either the smooth one or the one where you feel the chunks as you take it.

You can use either milk or water during preparation. You take one scoop of the shakeology and add to either one cup of milk or one cup water. You can add some ice cubes if you want to get a cool drink. You will add this combination of milk and shakeology scoop or water into your blender or shaker and your drink is now ready to take.

Taste and aroma.

Unlike most healthy drinks shakeology is quite tasty. Depending on the flavor fruit or chocolate you will enjoy this shake. The chocolate flavored has a cocoa taste although it is not very sweet while the fruit flavored has the taste of combined fruits.

The aroma is very sweet but this also depends on the flavor which you choose.


Increasing your energy level.

Taking shakeology helps you feel more energized owing to the nutrients used in making this product. A cup of shakeology in the morning will keep your energy levels up throughout the day and you won’t feel worn out or fatigued through the day. In simple a cup of shakeology will give you the right amount of energy needed to sustain all your activities of the day.

Reduce food cravings.

Shakelogy will reduce the unnecessary food cravings which cause you to eat unhealthy and dangerous foods. The proteins in the shakelogy help you keep the cravings away.

Help you lose weight.

Keeping in mind that your food cravings will be highly reduced and you will only take the healthy nutrients necessary for your body losing weight may get easier. Each of the ingredients used in making shakeology is of low calorie but high nutritional value to the body so won’t add more unnecessary calories to the body.

Your skin will look better.

The nutrients used in making the shakeology are good for the skin and this way you will achieve smoother and better looking skin.

Easy to prepare.

You don’t need a lot of time to prepare a cup of shakeology compared to the time you take to prepare a meal. This saves you time and you can quickly make it for breakfast before going to work.

  • It is quite expensive.
  • There are concerns that $4 per cup is too pricy for a cup of shakeology drink keeping in mind that it does not contain omega 3 which have to be taken in other forms to complete it.
  • People might get bored of taking a drink.
  • Taking a drink every day may become monotonous and boring and people may want more food-like substance to replace the drink.
  • Taking the drink alone is not realistic to lose weight.
  • You will need to engage in other activities together with the drink to achieve the desired weight loss.

A cup of shakeology contains 140 calories, 17g proteins, 1g saturated fat, 17g carbs, 9g sugars and 3g fiber.

Starting the shakeology program may be your breakthrough in starting a healthy lifestyle considering the nutrients, good taste and easy preparation time needed to make this drink. The benefits associated with this products are many including the weight loss issue which is a big problem to many people.

You can choose to overlook the cost of the product if you consider the benefits to outdo the cost and if you still don’t mind taking a drink in place of food for a longer time.

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