Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple Review

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Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple ReviewAfter spending 12-13 hours continuously working in the office, getting bashes from boss and girlfriend absolutely no one gets time and mood to cook a decent meal. Even the housewives get tired of cooking meals for the whole family throughout the day. Yet to survive and maintain yourself, you need to have nutritional meals every day because no one can survive long and remain healthy by ordering food from the local outlets. It has become a vital problem all over the world on how to prepare balanced diet without spending much time on it. And it has become an alarming need to have balanced diet full of nutritional products to survive this workaholic environment.

The solution for health concerned people was very simple; to eat nutritious meals but the root cause of the problem was not figured out. That was how to cook nutritious and delicious meals within minutes to save the most precious thing in the world, Time. Therefore to meet the alarming needs of every citizen Miss Katie Bramlett researched for years and innovated some of the best recipes that take very less preparation time. These recipes are simple yet very delicious. The ingredients included in the guide are locally available at every grocery store.

Now, you do not have to rely on local restaurants and wait for hours to get your meal delivered. With a slow cooker and Katie Bramlett’s Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple guide, one can prepare delicious meals in few minutes. This will solve two main problems of life, firstly, a person will get nutritional meals every day within minutes and secondly, this will help in cost cutting as well. You might be imagining what could be so special in this book that you do not know. Well, Katie Bramlett has crafted these recipes after several years of experience and this is a one point destination to the healthiest minute-made meals.

Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple Details:

The first thing you should know that it is not a diet plan weight loosening guide that claims to shape your body in weeks. Katie Bramlett’s Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple is a guide of recipes that can be prepared within minutes with step by step procedure and a variety of ingredients that are simple yet nutritional. It is a collection of 77 different recipes which can be prepared daily for more than two months without repetition keeping you excited for your next day meal as well.

The best part of the guide is that it involves recipes that utilize every single part of the ingredients you are cooking, therefore there is less wastage and more flavor. Secondly, you can directly serve the recipe from slow cooker and there is no need of extra dinner dishes. You might be needing just a board or a knife and slow cooker. Now we come to the query, why slow cooker? Why we can’t use simple cooking utensils?

The answer is simple and quite interesting as well. These recipes can be prepared in other appliances but then, they will take more time in preparation and also loose their nutritional value to quite a great value. These are the comfort food recipes but with healthy ingredients which can be prepared within three minutes. With a slow cooker, you can literally free up hours of time and finish other works without stressing about your next meal.

With this guide, you don’t need to plan every day what to buy from the grocery store, just choose a recipe and go for those ingredients. Some of the best recipes the guide includes are lasagne, orange chicken, fudge, apple coffee cake, cheesecake, pumpkin custard and minestrone soup.

The guide is very inexpensive but you can avail it even free of cost with the offer from the website. If you will purchase this guide from stores, you might have to pay 19.95 USD but the site is offering free physical copy the only thing you have to pay is the shipping charges of 6.95 USD.


  • One point destination for a delicious minute made recipes which are so simple to prepare and full of nutrients. When you get the deliciousness of a restaurant made meal in the house which is freshly prepared and beautifully decorated, you won’t even bother to remember the local restaurant’s phone number.
  • Very nutritious meals with a low-calorie intake, thus improving yours and the health of your loved ones. Our stomach craves for a balanced diet and our tongue needs flavor. This guide focuses on recipes which satisfy both the cravings.
  • Recipes included comprise ingredients which are readily available at every local grocery store and are very cost effective. Unlike the cookery books written by famous chefs which include some of those ingredient names that you have never even heard of, this guide consist all those ingredients that are locally available.
  • Includes snacks, main course, and dessert recipes, therefore no need to check the cookery books and get confused with menu combinations. Prepare three-course, four-course or six-course menu, all you need to turn up the pages and choose the recipes you like the most.
  • The guide is available free of cost when ordered from the company’s website. Katie Bramlett wanted her book to reach most of the people around the world, therefore even after putting so many years of hard work to manage these recipes, the company kept it absolutely free.
  • The guide can be used on a daily basis and you can prepare delicious meals within 3 minutes without repetition for more than 2 months. Surprise your friends and family with a new meal every day. Even the kids will not get bored of having the same meal three times in a week.
  • The company offers 60 days money back guarantee if you do not like the recipes given in the guide. Although the book is free, in case you buy it from the stores then the company claims of returning all your money back in case you don’t like the recipes included in the book.


The only disadvantage is that it needs to be cooked in a slow cooker to get the best outcome. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you need to buy it now because this cooker retains the nutritional values of the food items and don’t let them get exhausted while cooking. Thus, it serves both the purposes of keeping the food nutritional and ensuring less preparation time for the meals.


Katie Bramlett’s Slow Cooker Meals Made Simple is the simplest guide that you can ever find on the internet or nearby stores. While other cookery books include very typical ingredients and appliances to prepare the recipes, this guide just requires the company of knife, board and a slow cooker.

Katie Bramlett ensures in this guide that the recipes you will prepare will be much more delicious as compared to rest of the cookery books or shows as not a single ingredient looses its flavor because of instant cooking in the slow cooker.The measurement of each and every ingredient is very accurate and if you follow the steps closely, even the next street family will reach your house in search of that splendid aroma.

So what are you waiting for, just reach the company site and grab you free guide right now!!! As the online stock is limited, you have to order it as soon as possible. Get the best cookery book ever launched and make your life convenient.

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