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Smart Funnelz ReviewIt is a well-known fact that all in internet-based or related business need traffic in order to increase sales and make a profit. But, how you can get that traffic? Paid traffic doesn’t actually work and it comes with more drawbacks than positive sides, as such, it should be removed from the consideration. On the other hand, we have one interested, all-new alternative that can assist you with this matter. It is simply known as Smart Funnelz.

What is Smart Funnelz?

The best explanation we can give to you is that the Smart Funnelz is a simple way or a method for increasing the sales using emails and money pages. The software is developed so it will create simple quizzes and polls within seconds. Once created, they can assist you to gather the emails of the visitors and turn them directly into profit. The program is Cloud-based, meaning that it will work on any website or a blog and it will stay 100% operational in all situations.


The main advantage is the fact this program will work on any device. As we have mentioned, it is a cloud-based software so it doesn’t require installation, configuration or anything like that. Basically, you are ready to use the software within minutes and you will need another minute or so to create a poll or a quiz.

The poles and quizzes you create will be compatible with Facebook and any other social media. This allows for you to develop popular and appreciated polls and quizzes that will give you back plenty of different users. If we know that some of them are shared more than 1 million times, we can deduce that this is an effective method to increase sales and make a profit.

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The simplicity is another feature. Here you can see that the software comes with countless templates and a drop page builder. All this means that you will create a money page within seconds. Furthermore, you can place it anywhere you want and get the most out of it instantly. Customization is at the highest level possible as well. You can choose any color, font, details, media and etc. in order to develop polls and quizzes that look precisely as you want.

One of the more advanced features is the ability to embed the poll on your website or on the servers of the Smart Funnelz. They will permanently stay available so you can use them as long as you like. In addition, the software comes with an autoresponder. There are no limits here and you can configure it precisely as you want.

The last but not least option is to get 1-click sharing feature. It will use social media to gather as much traffic as possible, easier than ever before. All of that actually works in the real world and on the internet.

If you think that the software is extremely complicated to use, you are wrong. It generally drops and creates a system that requires a few minutes of practicing. Of course, the software also comes with free training included, so you will have the ability to perfect your polls and quizzes even more.


There are a lot of benefits the Smart Funnelz has to offer. Anyway, we chose the most important ones to mention right here. They are:

  • The software is Cloud-based so there is no need to download it and install it. All you have to do is to access it and use it immediately.
  • It is the best way to gather emails from the users and to boost the sales.
  • The software is excellent in increasing the traffic.
  • There is no monthly or annual fees to worry about.
  • You get free bonuses as well.
  • It is the simplest software of this kind available at the moment.


The only potential drawback is the access to the training. It isn’t instantly offered to the users, so you will need some time to find it and invest the time into learning all about the software.

Who should use the Smart Funnelz?

The Smart Funnelz is the best way for all blog and website owners to generate higher traffic. It is a simple method that can provide unlimited traffic to the site with the seconds of easy work. Obviously, it is more than just essential for marketers of any kind. The software is developed to help users increase traffic, which can be translated into sales, data and etc.


The Smart Funnelz will cost you between $17 and $27. However, you will have several upgrades at your disposal. They include countless funnels, automated traffic monitoring, agency rights and more.


You will be surprised to know that the Smart Funnelz comes with three bonuses. They are:

  • Shoulder series: The value of this bonus is actually $1997, but you will get it for free. Basically, it allows for you to look the author’s work and progress using the Smart Funnelz. It is more than just helpful.
  • Facebook Support Group: Another bonus that is part of the Smart Funnelz is the Facebook group. In a nutshell, you will become a part of a large community that can assist you in building the polls and quizzes, all in order to make your success even better. The value is $1000.
  • Live training: The last bonus has a value of close to $2000. You will get the live training with the author of the program and you will get the ultimate knowledge about the Smart Funnelz, how it works and what you need to know.

The Smart Funnelz looks innovative and more than just unique software that works perfectly and actually can help you generate more sales, get more traffic and more. There are no limits here and you are going to get the most out of it within minutes of the first use. Now you can be relaxed more than ever before and you can use this interesting way to make a profit effortlessly.

8.5 Total Score

Well developed quiz and poll maker, highly recommended to every marketer.

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