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Smart Money Methods ReviewDo you dream of becoming rich overnight? Who wouldn’t want that? It is probably a silly question to ask because everyone wants more money in their bank accounts. I have reviewed a number of click bank marketing products and have never come across such a method which helps me to make more money.

You may consider me a fool because I tried all the products, but I was curious enough to find out whether it actually increases the wealth in my bank account. Speaking of click bank marketing products, there is another program which is in news. It is called Smart Money Methods! The product claims that you can make $7k in just a week. It sounds too good to be true, right?
Well, here I am to introduce you to the reality. After trying Smart Money Methods, I can say that I have earned a PhD in the same.

The question is – Is Smart Money Methods a scam? Should you put your eggs in one basket? Here is a genuine review of Smart Money Methods. We care about your money and you must read this review before buying the product. Sounds good? Let us start with the product details.

Smart Money Methods Details

The brand new idiot proof scheme is giving you the opportunity to earn $7k in a week. Once you visit the site, you will see a simple layout with a video.

The program is developed by Mark Forest. I wonder why all the developers of such click bank marketing programs have names like, ‘Mark’ or ‘Bill’. Mark Forest has done considerable amount of research to make this program for people who want to get rich. It does not require anybody to fill out forms, surveys or do blogging. What does it really do then? You get a step by step instruction of making money online.

Smart Money Methods is a product which claims that you can spend 30 minutes a day and earn $7k a week. Is it humanly possible? I do know that one works hard and earns that kind of money in few months and not just in a week. The product costs $37 plus there are upsells as well.

I personally would not recommend it to any of my readers because the product is minting your money in the name of easy money-making. When you visit their page, you will find a video which talks about how much money you are making but they do not talk about HOW YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE all that money!

What is their system? What is the method used to generate a whopping income of $7k in a week? Lord knows! We all know that making money is not a child’s play, but money-making isn’t that fast either. It is not believable for anyone to be making $7k in a week by spending 30 minutes each day.

Here’s what they do – They teach you about affiliate marketing and how you can build up a site. It teaches you about writing product-oriented content, the usage of Instagram and YouTube. My point is just this that you can learn about using Instagram and YouTube by reading free articles all over the web. Affiliate marketing is not rocket-science either! If you are going to fall for this, your money is going for a toss.

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The program consists of information that you can know from YouTube videos as well. The key is that YouTube videos are free to watch and you can gather so much knowledge from various channels. In fact you will find 1000 ways to earn money in a legit way. Why would you want to spend $37 for knowledge which comes for free everywhere else?

If I had to get rich with just a push of the button, I would be a billionaire by now. Trust me when I say this, I have not earned a penny through these click bank marketing strategies. You are spending $37 for nothing! Smart Money Methods is being ultra smart and they are dangling a shiny object in front of the beginners. Yes, people get lured by the fact that they can make money in a week but it requires dedication and hard work. How about that?


  • It might be enriching for the beginners. You get to know about affiliate marketing and the uses of YouTube and Instagram.
  • The training gives you a clear picture of social media and the power of it.

#Do note that all this information is easily available on YouTube and several other platforms. Guess what? The knowledge is free everywhere else!


  • Fake Videos – They will make you believe in whatever they say. Just so you know, the reviews and testimonials are all fake. People can get actors from Fiverr. They take money from you, and spend merely $5 to get a fake testimonial from these actors. It is simple!
  • Does the owner exist? – It may be disheartening for you to know but the owner does not exist in real. Maybe he does but there is no way to contact him! Is he an imaginary character because there are many Mark’s in this world.
  • The price you pay – You are paying $37 for nothing! If you are investing your money somewhere, you should be able to get something in return. I would rather buy lunch for myself. You are giving away your money blindly to someone who is fooling you.
  • Unreal claims – The product claims that you can earn $7k in a week. How about working hard and earning that kind of money? We all love shortcuts but the trouble are that they come with consequences. It is best to use your time and money on something more constructive.

If you want my honest opinion, I would not recommend you to buy Smart money methods. The only way you can be smart is NOT buy this product and waste your $37. You can get more information on YouTube for free. If you want to make good use of your $37 then save for your future. You will be spending money and time because Smart Money Methods just makes you believe that there is an Alladin Magic Lamp.

No, it is not a reliable site and we would only suggest you the legit way of earning money. Well, you may have a boring job and you are tired of asking for a raise from your boss. Here’s the catch! If you work hard now and even if it takes several years to reach a higher post, you will still feel that you used the legit way to earn a good living. In case you want to put all your eggs in one basket, you must still choose something which requires hard work and not shortcuts. Does that sound believable? Nothing can replace hard work!

You will find many sites which praise this Smart Money Method product. You need to ask yourself whether those are genuine reviews or not. The company is probably using your money to pay these sites for writing fake reviews. It is possible, right? You would know what’s best for you!

You do not feel like a fool by the end of it, because you believe that you learn something new from this program. Well, it is good that you think positively but the damage has been done, my friend. I wouldn’t know how you define scam! If you think you are going to make easy money from this system, I would only tell you to wake up from your dream and smell the coffee.

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Poor product, not recommended.

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