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Smart Solar Box ReviewOur world is slowly heading towards energy crisis. With a growing population, the demand for energy is simply growing exponentially. In fact, as you read this article, a family somewhere on Earth is experiencing a scarcity in energy that it needs to fulfil its daily energy requirements. With this imbalance in the demand-supply scenario, paying for your energy needs is yet another challenge for a middle-class man. Do you always manage to pay your bills regularly, and yet have some money to spare at the end?

Just wonder that if you are doing something extremely important; maybe working on an important presentation or a school project, and all of a sudden, you lose energy supply. How annoying and dreadful could that be? To make it even worse, imagine that your city is hit by a calamity, and the entire city is blacked out. The hospitals are shut, and there is nowhere for the injured ones to go. You must be thinking how could you ever come up with a solution for that massive energy requirement.

One such natural calamity left a man’s life completely transformed. This man is- Ryan Tanner, a 52 year old mechanic, and the author of the Smart Solar Box. Ryan Tanner is a resident of Milwaukee. When he witnessed a monstrous blizzard in Wisconsin during a weekend trip to his dad’s cabin, he nearly witnessed the death of young boy. He decided that each one of need to be prepared in the case of a disaster. He came with an ingenious solution of a solar power device that is 100 time cheaper than a professional solar panel, and requires minimum maintenance. Not just that, this device will help you chop off the excess 70% of your energy expenses!

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Does it work, you ask? Well, it is known that 17341 American households have adopted this device, by building it themselves from store-bought parts. These families have noticed a significant change in their energy expenses, and are prepared for any calamity ahead of them.

Smart Solar Box Details

Smart Solar Box is an impeccable solution that helps you work anywhere, and anytime. This device harnesses the natural energy from wind, and the sunlight. Hence, it is completely in agreement with Green technology. Moreover, it is so easy to build, you can build one for yourself. Ryan Tanner elucidates the entire story behind building this masterpiece on the official website – You can check this website out and find out how you can build it from simple spare parts that you can buy in a local hardware shop, or online. You can purchase the Smart Solar Box, in which the author explains its construction in a very easy language. You will get the entire procedure, and the list of all the gears and components, and also some pleasant and valuable surprise bonuses from Ryan Tanner!

How does it the smart solar box work?

  • All you need, is to install the smart solar box in your home, after which you just have to leave all the work to the device!
  • You can carry it anywhere. It occupies very little workspace and his highly portable.
  • You can use 18-20 hours of power by means of charging with a single battery. Yes, all you need to do is to charge it.
  • You can supply this power to any device that runs on power. It may be a bulb, a tube light, a toaster, or even an air conditioning system. This device has no limits.
  • You need to clean the panels and dust boxes at regular intervals of at least 6 months.
  • Apart from a PDF, this package also consists of a video where Ryan explains how you can easily build the solar device without even a screwdriver! So, don’t worry if you are a bad mechanic.
  • Ryan Tanners claims that you can build this entire device in whooping cost of $200.
  • This device is so silent, you will not even hear it running.

Advantages of Smart Solar Box

This device is so flawless and is simply perfect. But what makes it a hands on winner? Following are the advantages of the Smart Solar Box:

  • Reasonably priced solution – Since we are talking about efficient energy consumption at low cost, a royally expensive device for saving energy consumption hardly makes sense. Just take a moment to think about your annual energy expenses. Ryan Tanners claims that this device can be constructed in merely $200. Moreover, this device is so potent, that will help you reduce your electricity bill by 68%. That amounts to roughly $2000 of savings annually!
  • Easy to follow the directions – The easy instructions given by Ryan in his PDF and the video make the entire building process so artless. Building this device is not rocket science! You do not need even the basic scientific approach for this, all you need to do, is to follow the instructions in the video or your PDF, and in a matter of a few hours, you will build yourself an energy bank.
  • Carry it along, wherever you go! – This device is extremely portable. You can use it anywhere, and anytime. This device can even fit in your trunk. It is a light weight and compact device. Thus, it is very suitable for camping, and night outs. Moreover, it is very silent while it performs. You will not even hear the device running. You can operate it silently for about 20 hours, on single battery charge, as mentioned earlier.
  • Slight, or No maintenance – The only maintenance factor of this device is the cleaning of the solar panels. But again, you do not have to do it anytime sooner than six months of use. Even the batteries work for an extremely long time. So, the maintenance is completely hassle free.
  • Renewable energy – As we speak of energy crisis, we ought to keep in mind the delicate and mandatory concept of sustainable and green energy. We cannot afford to pollute the environment and use up the energy resources rashly, simply to reduce our current energy demands. This device is extremely eco-friendly, and produces renewable energy by harnessing solar and wind energy.
  • 60-day refund guarantee – As consumers, all of us love guarantee, do we not? Guarantee simply gives us the confidence to make any purchase without fear. You will be pleased to know that Smart Solar Box gives its consumer a 60-day guarantee. You are given 60 days to build your own device and try it out. If it does not reduce your energy bill by even a dollar, you are welcome to get your money back!
Disadvantages of Solar Power Box

Well, every coin has two sides, doesn’t it? So is the case for Smart Solar Box. Apart from all the glorious perks of having this device with you, it does have its own disadvantages. Let us check them out.

  • It needs time – In spite of the fact that you do not need to be an engineer to construct this device on your own, it is not false that you will need to give it a lot of time and dedication. If this job does not feel up your ante, you can hire someone for it.
  • Digital format product – This product is completely digitally formatted. This means that you can access all your stuff digitally, i.e., via a computer, or a mobile. You cannot access it physically. So, if you have a poor connection, you will face problems in streaming videos.

With all being said, Smart Solar Box is a very smart investment that will definitely not leave you disappointed. This device has a very low construction cost, and requires such little maintenance. It is so portable, you can carry it literally anywhere, and enjoy up to 20 hours of green sustainable energy at such low cost. Apart from that, it helps you save up a lot of money from your energy expenses. Who does not love savings? You can probably plan a trip from all those savings, and of course, carry the Smart Solar Box along with you.

Apart from that, following Ryan’s instructions is so easy and flawless, you can build yourself the device in no time! Also, it is completely eco-friendly.

To conclude, you can confidently grab on Smart Solar Box without giving it another.

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    cosimo Oct 28, 2017 at 4:16 am

    I just purchased your secret smart solar box to save money on my power, but unless i received a wrong item its just explains how to connect a solar panel to a solar charger to a inverter (i already knew how to do). the parts a way expensive on the Australian site you referred too also. am i missing something or did i just pay for basic knowledge for something i already knew? let me know if theres something i didnt receive that im unaware of.

  2. Reply
    Jim Davey Oct 21, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I do not understand how you hook it up once you have built it. Is it available already constructed?

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