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socialjam reviewFacebook has been known as one of the biggest and the best marketing sites on the planet. Billions of people will see your ad or your post if you make it engaging enough. But, in order to get this opportunity, you will have to play according to the rules developed by this website giant. What if you don’t want to follow the rules and you want to stand out from the crowd? Then you will need SociJam System.

What is SociJam System?

In the lack of a better word, SociJam System is a Cloud-based app that allows you to create better and more engaging posts that will be seen and commented on by millions. The app is easy to use and there is no need to install it on your computer, due to the fact it is Cloud-based. Furthermore, it will work on all web browsers, known and stealth ones that can be downloaded today.
If we get into more details regarding the SociJam System, we can add that it allows you to format text precisely as you want and to add and control emoji. You can insert Italic, underlined text and etc. Basically, you will have a complete freedom of the text and the emoji in a post. All of this should make posts better and more engaging, which has countless opportunities and benefits.

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SociJam System may look like a simple app that has just the basic functions, but this isn’t the case! As a matter of fact, the software is proficient in offering advanced and superior marketing capabilities. It all starts with the overall simplicity. You will get the needed training and you will get the simplest method to make your posts look like you want.

The aforementioned training is included in the program and it basically teaches you all you have to know about the program, how to use it, how to control it and more. Due to the fact this is a Cloud-based app, there is no need for complicated installations and etc. We should add that the program comes with easy to use interface so you will understand it perfectly within minutes.

The software also uses emoji to make the posts more appealing to the users. As such, in a combination with the text formatting options, you get the ability to go viral within seconds or within minutes. Your posts will be more than just en ganging, which will directly be translated into sales or into the clicks you need.

The main advantage of the program is the ability it works perfectly with the ads, posts, comments and even Facebook ads. There are no limits in this case scenario, so you truly get the best and the most efficient way to boost up your sales and your post engagement. All of this is easy to use and comes without any hidden secrets or etc.

We must mention that the program is 100% compatible with all web browsers. Basically, there are no limits here and you can use any browser known to man. Furthermore, the features are the same and they are performed in the same way, regardless of which browser you may use at that moment.


  • You will be able to increase your sales significantly within seconds. Regardless of what you sell, now you will sell it more.
  • Engagement is the next benefit you will experience. Billions of people are within your reach.
  • You can create simple and efficient ad campaigns within minutes and make them more productive than ever before.


The software will require some time to get used to it. Basically, it operates differently than any other app of this kind, so it is quite different. Of course, if you spend some time on the training that is included with the software, you won’t have any complications.

Who should invest in SociJam System?

If you have read the features and the benefits of the SociJam System, it is easy to deduce who will benefit the most out of it. In the first place, there are blog and website owners. Facebook is the ultimate traffic source, so you will easily get the much-needed traffic. Now you can get the most out of the system in question and you can benefit within minutes.

But, the SociJam System is also more than just useful for users who are in the e-commerce business. They will need added sales to make and the program here offers them precisely that.

The last but not least, all kinds of marketers will benefit from using the SociJam System. As a matter of fact, this is probably the simplest way to achieve the best results as soon as possible.


The base price of the SociJam System is $17 and with it, you get all the basics you are going to need. We recommend you to start with the base plan, but soon you will see that upgrades make the SociJam System much better and far more effective. However, if you want more, there are 4 updates. They are:

  • Pro – Ads 30+ services including YouTube and Skype. The price is $27.
  • Extreme – You will get additional templates and files to use. The price is $27.
  • Agency – Allows you to create profiles for the clients and staff. The price is $97.
  • Reseller – Now you can sell the entire software and keep 100% of the profit. This will cost you $197.

In the end, all we can say is that the SociJam System is one of the best softwares of this kind. It is more than just appealing to use, it comes with all the features you are going to need and it helps you make superb sales, even more, engaging posts and all of that within seconds. We also liked how the software works and how it can bend the Facebook rules, which are known for causing massive limits and they are simply annoying. Now you can solve all of that with a few clicks.

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Good Program!

Make your posts more engaging thanks to Socijam System. Highly recommended.

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