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Chakra Activation System ReviewThere are times when you feel that your life is going off-course or it is full of disappointment. You may feel lost, isolated or mistreated by those you are in a relationship with. Other times you may find yourself doing poorly financially and your dreams of prosperity slipping away. Fortunately for you, help is at hand. The Chakra Activation System, by Stephanie Mulac, is the easiest and most effective method of enriching and turning your life around.

The word ‘chakra’ literally means vortex or wheel in the Sanskrit language. It refers to the circular-shaped centers of energy which spin around our etheric body (the subtle level which comprises of a mix of energies such as chi, electromagnetic and vitality).The Chakra Activation System focuses on the 7 major chakras in the body. The program explains what they are and their role in helping you achieve all your life’s goals and desires. When your chakras are healed and in a balanced state, this is manifested instantly to the world. In essence, the Chakra Activation System will help you to open completely new horizons in your life.

Chakra Activation System Details

Every facet of your life will be recharged if you can master your chakras. If the chakras are unbalanced, your life will be full of relentless struggles and disappointments. If you harness and control your chakras, you will have the key to enhanced health opportunities and overall prosperity. The seven spinning wheels of energy run from your feet, upwards along your spine all the way to the top of your head. They represent the seven centers of your body’s spiritual power. Therefore if you can control and energize your body’s vital organs, this will greatly influence your psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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After using The Chakra Activation System you will experience real contentment, fulfillment and unlock new opportunities. You will feel a renewal in energy flow, self-inspiration and confidence. Your physical and spiritual health will soar and you will experience more rewarding relationships. When your chakras are balanced and fully recharged, life-enriching energy will surround every aspect of your body, leading to a joyful and fulfilled existence.

How the chakras influence our lives?

Each of the chakras has distinct attributes and is associated with a particular body organ which gives it the energy required to function. Also, just like the way each organ affects our health mentally and spiritually, each chakra is associated with specific aspects of our behavior and development.

  • In your lower spine is the base or root chakra. From it flows happiness, joy and contentment. For example, your root chakra is balanced and strong if you love your job, you look forward to going to work daily and you get good pay for your efforts.
  • The second chakra, called the sacral chakra, is found on the lower abdomen. When it is balanced and open, you will be full of energy and confidence. It will also directly affect your relationships, and you will have an ability to attract beneficial friends and partners who will improve your life. Your sacral chakra is balanced when your love life has passion, great lovemaking and intimacy.
  • The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra. It directly affects your vitality, energy levels and digestion. It imparts energy to other chakras, helping you to sustain good health.
  • The fourth one, the heart chakra, affects your relationships. It assists you to find compassion, empathy and true love. If it is opened and balanced, you will easily cultivate a fun and fulfilling social network full of new relationships, opportunities and friendships.
  • The throat chakra influences self-expression and communication. If it is balanced and open, people pay close attention to your words and you are confident when voicing your opinions. If you fear to speak publicly or among your friends or you perceive that no one is interested in your opinions, your throat chakra may be blocked and needs to be worked on.
  • The third-eye chakra is centered on your forehead. It guides your intuition (sixth sense), and keeps you well-balanced and focused on your objectives. Through it you are able to have a perspective and see the bigger picture which may not be apparent to many other people.
  • The final chakra is called the crown chakra. It is located on the top of your head and it corresponds to a higher power, spirituality or The Source. It provides spiritual awareness and healing. It makes you connected, grounded and aligned to what you believe in, whether God or other forms of powers higher than you.

The Chakra Activation System also comes with bonus features. These are the chakra rainbow meditation program on audio, chakra money meditation guide and 7 yoga positions that heal and tune your chakras guide.


  • The Chakra Activation System makes you get true contentment and fulfillment.
  • Regardless of age, you will be full of energy and vitality.
  • It will assist you to unlock all your centers of energy and to experience enhanced positivity in your life.
  • Your body will be trained to open up to abundance, making money to chase you instead of the other way round. This way, floodgates to money will be opened.
  • You will experience deep spiritual connections, regardless of your religious background or beliefs.
  • Your physical health and immunity will be enhanced.
  • You will feel constantly energized and confident.
  • Your relationships will be full of compassion, empathy and true love. They will also be stronger since they will be founded on rock-solid bonds.
  • Your horizons of perspective will be widened, making you feel extra-inspired and motivated.
  • The Chakra Activation System can only be accessed online.
  • You need to be committed to realize the required outcome.

The Chakra Activation System will transform the way you live your life. You will find out that when your chakras are healed and balanced, you will overcome all your life’s obstacles and limitations and you will begin to actualize your dreams and desires. Once you unblock and align the energies in your body so that everything is in harmony, you will experience a new world and enjoy enhanced opportunities, wealth and health. It is crystal clear that chakras hold great sway over our lives. Try The Chakra Activation System and enjoy better love, self-esteem and confidence.

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