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Takeover USA ReviewThe news is a delicate source of information. When you turn on your TV, you can’t know beforehand whether it will provide you with good updates or not until you actually pay attention to it. Yet, there are times when the story is so great or so morbid, that you can’t help but wonder if it’s true or the journalists are just being exaggerated.

An important news item for most people is about the economy. Many of us do not ever want to experience the same hardships that have befallen during the massive financial crisis in 2008. Newspapers and TV programs are not mentioning this at all, but what if another crisis strikes – one that we will be fighting tooth and nail but still won’t be able to overcome? What will you do?

The simple answer is: get tips from Takeover USA.

Takeover USA Overview

Takeover USA is a five-part comprehensive guide written by an ex-Navy Seal and survival expert named James Wright. It is a training program for individuals who want to know how they can protect their finances and family from the impending catastrophe that may take place even when we are sound asleep, unaware of what is happening to the money in your bank account. According to the author, if there will be a newer and bigger crisis, the US dollar may be deemed worthless in the world, and other countries with stronger economies like China may try to takeover USA. What is scarier than the idea of a possible foreign occupation is the thought of it happening anytime this year. Nevertheless, the program will teach us how to make the right investments in terms of money, food, medicine and even armament in order to survive during a terrible economic disaster.

Product Details

Takeover USA has been divided into 5 training modules:

  • Financial Forecasts and Preparedness – guides you through James Wright’s personal experience on investing money wisely and with lesser chances of losing them.
  • Seal Secrets for Survival and Defense – aims to teach you effective self-defense techniques, with an addition of the 33 moves that will render your assailant helpless.
  • The Ultimate Survival Food Guide – will tell you how to not commit the same mistakes that some survivalists have made when preparing for disaster, know the 77 types of foods that can make you last longer than anybody else, prepare your meals even if there’s no electricity or gas, and make your supplies only visible to you.
  • The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide – has detailed information on which plants you can use to cure certain sicknesses, and the right way to treat various kinds of wounds on your own and by using simple things.
  • A True Survivalists Weaponry Guide – contains a list of munitions you must have at home, instructions on how to make improvised bombs and other weapons at a reasonable price, and the best place to keep your hand gun(s).
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Each part of Takeover USA gives greater emphasis on how one can ensure his or her family’s financial and corporeal safety at all times. This is vital, because a tragedy has never occurred with a fair warning first. Consumers can have all the modules for a total amount of US$259.


Very Detailed Courses

The ones who have previously bought the Takeover USA have liked the thoroughness that the writer has put into every course. The most complex theories have been explained simply and more understandably in this survival guide, far better than anyone has ever done.

Broken Down Into Several Pieces

It is a major advantage for consumers to be able to buy Takeover USA piece by piece. Some want to test the water first by purchasing the first module, so that they will see if this meets their needs prior to getting the remaining units. Others, on the other hand, are bound to a tight budget, that’s why they cannot have all five in a single receipt.

Direct Explanations

Consumers will readily see that James has no plans of sugar-coating the truth when they see the website. This is more evident when they read the courses, as they will only get direct explanations and no airy-fairy words that are actually unnecessary for such a crucial subject matter.

Knowledgeable Survival Information

Takeover USA communicates the real expertise of its creator to the people who truly want to live beyond a potential crisis. What it means for the readers is that they will be gaining survival information from a knowledgeable person who has been in a similar situation and has come back alive and ready in case danger arises.

Holds Back Nothing

There are other guides or books that want to share real, controversial facts to the world – the ones that may cause an uproar – but they are weighed down by their fear of putting their own lives at risk. At Takeover USA, James held nothing back with the important details he shared through the units.


First Module is Slightly Pricier

Training modules number 2, 3, 4 and 5 are below US$50, but module #1 has the price of US$99. This may be more expensive than what regular people are ready to pay for.


Is it not rewarding to be able to sleep at night without the question of “What will happen to my family when crisis strikes?” continuously screaming in your head because you have no answer for it? If and when it does occur, you do not have to be as clueless as the others since you have already accepted and enforced the tips and tricks mentioned in Takeover USA as to how to survive in dire circumstances.

Takeover USA is a must-have survival training program. Regardless if you are a member of the military or not, you have to know how you can protect yourself and your loved ones financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. There is not a single course in the market that is as comprehensive as this one. Consumers can get a crash course at self-defense and economic vigilance, as well as become a master at knowing all the right foods, medicine, and weaponry to store ahead of time and where. All of these can help make sure that you will be safe from probable famine, infection and assaults, which are quite prevalent during an intense conflict.

Be a survival expert today by means of Takeover USA.

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Good Program!

If you are survival addicted then you should know these seal secrets. Recommended.

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