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Figuring out the exact audience you need to target when marketing your products and services online is usually a very challenging and confusing venture. This is even tougher when marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, and especially since social media marketing via Facebook has taken the universe by storm. A software that can sort out Facebook users into potential customers for each different product or service will surely be a very handy tool in making your Facebook marketing an epic success. The Targeting Inspector 2.0 is definitely the software anyone would choose to do this job for them. Developed by Brad Stephens, Precious Ngwu and Aravindh Targeting Inspector 2.0 is the most advanced and fastest Facebook targeting software ever designed. Not only does it do its job excellently but it also saves on the lots of time and money that would have been used on market research and even worse, marketing to the wrong audience.

How Does Targeting Inspector 2.0 Work?

So, how does this software work? Facebook is a very secure website and it is against its user policies to share out private information with parties other than the user. Though, there is still some information about the different likes and interests that can be obtained from one’s profile, fan pages they follow, likes and public posts on social media. Based on these, Targeting Inspector 2.0 is designed to build you a custom audience with regards to your keywords when you would otherwise have to spends hours on end searching for them manually. No matter how many keywords you need searched, this software will do it tirelessly and in fact, it even suggests other keywords that are close to your searches.

This software also features 2 extra features, the Deep Research Reports which gives you the opportunity to dig deeper into media kits and demographics for the most likely audience, and the Similar Websites feature that allows you to search for websites that provide similar products and services as yours. The Targeting Inspector 2.0 comes in two packages, the Personal License that goes for only $29 and the Developer License that goes for $99.5. The difference between these two is that the Personal License can’t be used for clients while the latter can be used for clients. Investing in this software is surely a worthwhile venture for anyone interested in advertising their products on Facebook.


Easy to use.
Targeting Inspector software’s user interface is so easy to maneuver and use. You only need to connect it to your Facebook account and you are good to go. It requires no experience at all; as long as one can use Facebook, then using this targeting program will surely be a walk in the park. In case there are hitches in using it, then the numerous free tutorials and the free bonus webiners will surely make it easier.

Multi-keyword searcher.
Unlike most similar apps and software that allow the user to search for a singe keyword at a go, this website supports multiple keyword searches in a single search. In fact, it even suggests more related keyword so you can get the most advanced and accurate results that will lead to the most perfect audience. In addition to this, you can also filter your results b category, countries, keywords, number of likes and people talking about the product.

Targeting Inspector software is operated over the internet which makes it easier to access from anywhere. As long as there is a reliable internet connection, then you can use this software for as long as you please. Since it is web-based, it is compatible to both Windows and MAC operating systems and it has nothing that requires downloading or installation.

Compliant to Facebook Terms of Service.
Terms of service and policies are bound to change from to time and Facebook is no exception to this. The designers of this website had this in mind and thought it necessary to make it compliant to any changes in the terms and conditions of service on Facebook. This quells the risk for suspension or banning of your Facebook account, hence no need to worry about using it on your main fan page.

Advanced and accurate.
Rather than depending on probability of having clicks on you Facebook ads, the Targeting Inspector 2.0 researches, analyzes and strategizes each move to ensure that the perfect audience to view your ads is found. This increases the number of useful clicks to your ads hence reducing the cost per click for your ads. This is made possible by the unique filtering options and searches.

Cost saving.
Marketing research is usually a very essential part of starting any business venture. If not done carefully, you risk losing so much money but Targeting Inspector software helps make the results accurate the very first time you type your keywords and hit the search button. It also saves on the amount of money and time that would otherwise be incurred in posting ads to the wrong audience by creating a custom audience based on your keywords and other filtering options.


Does not work on other social media sites.
As much as Facebook is considered the king of social media, other sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pintrest among many others are also taking an upward surge in social media marketing. The Targeting Inspector 2.0 only targets Facebook users, which is quite disadvantageous for those who also want to market on these other sites.

Requires an internet connection.
As much as this is an advantage in terms of ease of accessibility, it could also be quite challenging especially when one needs to work offline, especially in instances when internet connections are inaccessible.


With its Deep Research Reports, Advanced Filtering, Associated Interests, Trends Finder and Similar Websites options, the Targeting Inspector 2.0 software offers the most advanced custom Facebook Audience for your product and service ads. BY generating related keywords and coming up with the most passionate audience, you ads will never go to waste as the number of useful clicks is greatly increased. In fact, due to this software’s advanced and comprehensive audience search, the probability of the clicks on your Facebook ads turning into potential customers is at its highest. This software could actually be your time and money-saving option to getting the best out of your Facebook ads and Facebook marketing as each and every of the campaigns you run on Facebook absolutely counts.

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Poor Scam!

They closed the site leaving all customers alone...

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    Eivind Skjellum Mar 21, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Same here, David.

    Have they just closed shop and left those of us investing in them hanging?

    Poor karma right there.

  2. Reply
    David Jan 23, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    I purchased Targeting Inspector back in July and now I can’t reach a login page or even any support page or support via email. Are you aware of a url that will work today to reach the login screen?

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