The Cruise Control Diet Review

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The Cruise Control Diet ReviewThe Cruise Control Diet is a revolutionary new diet which focuses on using whole foods and healthy eating to combat excess weight and fat. The diet is available in a downloadable ebook and is written by James Ward. The author of this book has claimed that he has successfully managed his weight using the techniques he is now writing about in his book. This review will look in the diet in detail to decide whether or not it is worth using in the battle against flab.

The Cruise Control Diet Details

This diet plan revolves around the fact that natural whole foods have an ability to regulate the body. Processed foods are a major problem as they contain high levels of fats, sugars and salt. We should be eating everything naturally as our bodies have adapted to this diet over thousands of years.

Most diets will severely restrict your eating. They might also suggest that you eat things which aren’t particularly pleasant or enjoyable. This creates problems because if you don’t like eating something then you won’t look forward to it. Everyone needs to love everything they eat to get the most from it. Anyway, if you are eating something that you really don’t like, then chances are it won’t do you that much good anyway.

There are many natural foods which are also tasty. The book goes into these and how you can use some of them as ingredients in cooking to produce tasty, healthy home cooked meals. If you buy the book online then you will also get access to 60 days of recipes which makes it easy to cook for your whole family and lose weight at the same time. These recipe’s use easy to find ingredients available in your grocery store, which means you wont have to shop somewhere special.

The book has a diet plan which is designed to help an average person shed around 30 pounds in a little under 8 weeks. While there may be plenty of different diets which offer similar promises about losing this much weight quickly. But many will involve spending many hours at the gym and eating a very restricted diet. Some of these diets are also dangerous as they involve eating high amounts of proteins without carbohydrates to lose weight. The Cruise control diet is much safer as it shouldn’t cause any damage to your body.

This diet has three simple phases which must be followed exactly to work properly. The first is the Metabolic reset rate, this is where you learn how to program your bodies metabolism to speed up the rate of burning fat. The secrets mentioned in the book help you to understand the link between insulin and weight loss and will show you ways to reduce the levels of insulin in your body. During this phase you will also start to understand how your body tells you its hungry and how not to miss it.

Once you have completed the first phase, you then need to go through the control phase. This is where you master techniques to control your weight. You also get to enjoy two of your favorite meals a week which should give you something to look forward to and make motivation easier.

During the last phase of the diet weight loss is even faster. As well as speeding up weight loss this will improve the health of your body and make you feel full of strength and vitality. You should find that the changes you make to your diet while reading this book will benefit your health and well being.


There are many different advantages and reasons to choose this diet plan over some of the others available, just a few advantages include:

  • Easy to understand and digest ebook – no difficult words to try and decipher
  • Ebook can be read anywhere – put it on your tablet, phone or computer and take it everywhere you go. There’s no need to worry about remembering a book.
  • A list of the 5 best natural whole foods to aid weight loss are included in the book
  • Unique tricks and hints to lose weight that you won’t find anywhere else in the world
  • A list of foods to avoid in order to lose weight quickly is also included
  • Very easy diet to use, don’t need to worry about calculating your intake of calories per day
  • Sustainable diet – not a yo-yo diet where the weight just gets piled back on after you’ve finished
  • All of the techniques in this book are based on scientific research and evidence
  • Gentle diet which will not cause any harm to your body
  • No need to use diet pills or expensive diet aids
  • You can treat yourself to eat foods that you enjoy twice a week, this should make motivation much easier
  • 2 Month money back guarantee if you don’t find the book and diet plan useful
  • You will get to learn how to control your metabolism and hunger cravings


As with everything else, there will be a few disadvantages with this diet. These include:

  • The book is quite long with a lot of material about facts which aren’t really essential
  • The diet plan only mentions what you should eat, it does not say anything about any exercises you can do to speed up results and strengthen your body.
  • As it’s an eBook you need to have some charge left in the devices that you want to use to read it with
  • This may not be suitable for everyone as you will need to incorporate the changes mentioned in the book into your normal daily diet. Otherwise you will quickly find that the weight will just end up back on again.

While this diet might not be perfect for everyone, it is suitable for people who will consider making changes to their everyday diet. By making the changes outlined in the book it should be easy for users to lose weight and make sure it never haunts them again. As Cruise control diet is based on scientific facts it does work quite well, also being able to eat nice tasting foods that you enjoy will make it much easier to stick to the diet.

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