The High Performance Handbook Review

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The High Performance Handbook ReviewEveryone wishes to stay fit and have the right muscular arrangement. However, there are fitness coaches that talk about a plethora of techniques and none among them materializes out to be true. What separates a truly dynamic workout from others? Eric Cressey vows to deliver something with a difference with The High Performance Handbook. The million dollar question remains whether it manages to do so!


Before reviewing whether or not the High Performance Handbook is useful, it is important to know what the book is all about. The High Performance Handbook primarily targets athletes, coaches and all fitness freaks that are looking to have the perfect body that can help them look fit and stay fit.

Eric Cressey believes that a lot of fitness coaches are too busy beating around the bush and they end up giving you fitness programs that will either burn your body from extra stress or it will do nothing to improve your muscular power.

Further, Eric has put forth an opinion that different athletes and even fitness freaks have varying body styles and postures. He makes it a point to emphasize on the right selection of training methods that can truly show results. This book promises to be a revolution in the field of body building because Eric has made use of his excellent coaching skills to compile a book that he believes is a “must have” handbook for all those who want to have the perfectly toned body. The big question is whether he has managed to deliver what he promised or is it another scam that makes false promise only to eat into your hard earned money.

Product details

The High Performance Handbook comes along with a nutrition guide that will help you choose what to eat and how much to eat. If you are fighting obesity, this guide can create all the difference you need. Even if you are an athlete with a lean body, you need to choose the right nutritional guide because being lean should not be your goal rather it should be to keep yourself fit and healthy.

There are a lot of different ideas that you will get when you buy this book.

  • The High Performance Handbook
  • The quick reference guide
  • Two separate programs namely Flexion and Extension
  • Training templates
  • Video database for exercises
  • Nutrition guide (optional, comes with additional cost)
  • Worksheets for filling diet particulars (Comes only if you buy the Nutrition guide)


Video database: It is important to note that along with The High Performance Handbook, you also get access to a huge database of videos where various exercises are meticulously explained. It is a well known fact that understanding the exercises merely with text and illustration can be a cumbersome affair. This is the reason the video aims at helping you understand the exercises and even modify it should the need arise.

The book is primarily designed to help you choose the exercise that will have a positive impact your body. Eric believes that one must understand the shape, structure and needs of their body and work on it accordingly to extract the best out of exercises. This handbook aims at helping you understand your body structure and then choose the exercises that will help you attain the highest level of fitness.


If you are looking to analyze the top advantages of using The High Performance Handbook, following are the main points that make it a handy product for buying.

  • It is easy to understand and the flow of the book is commendable.
  • You will not need any special equipment in order to follow the exercises and training programs mentioned within.
  • You can easily modify the exercises based on what your body truly needs.
  • Most of the exercise programs have been customized keeping the specific demands of your body in mind.
  • In addition to the video database, the illustrations make it much easier to follow the training program.
  • It touches all bases and comes in handy for everyone including the ones who are trying to cut weight, add weight to look less lean, make muscles for having a fit body and get a toned and well maintained body.
  • It doesn’t forces individuals to do any exercise which they CANNOT do.
  • It is designed for both coaches and fitness freaks.
  • The price for the book is justified.

You cannot find several shortcomings with this book. However, the few points of concern are as follows.

  • Results are subjective and differ greatly from one individual to another.
  • People may feel the urge to discontinue the training program after a certain period of time.
  • Those who choose to only buy the book without the nutritional guide may not be able to enjoy the best results.
  • The nutrition guide requires a lot of data filling and maintaining charts which can seem to be laborious for those who detest filling particulars.

Now that you have a clear idea of what The High Performance Handbook is all about and the possible pros and cons of the book, it is appropriate to say that this handbook is commendable and is likely to help you in your endeavor of having a fully fit body.Eric Cressey is fully trained and well aware of the dynamics of fitness. He is one of those coaches who is seriously passionate about what he teaches and preaches. In this book, he has taken a lot of pain to put his point across and the book is likely to serve its due purpose.

Those who want to get the best out of the book are advised to buy the nutritional guide along with the book because you should try and put in full effort to ensure that you can really rev your body to the fullest.

Though there are a lot of other similar books and courses out there, this is definitely different and with a huge database of exercises and training programs, every individual will be able to find the one that will suit them the best. Hope you purchase this amazing book and make the most of it by following the points discussed by Eric Cressey!

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