Total Wellness Cleanse Review

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Total Wellness Cleanse ReviewTotal Wellness Cleanse is the only food-based product that is meant to help people to detoxify their bodies in a natural way. The product is fully natural, meaning that there are no chemical or additives involved. You can lose fat, detoxify your body and increase your energy levels with only one product. The creator of the program is Yuri Elkaim, a health coach and holistic nutritionist who has decided at a specific moment in his life to help other people in their weight loss attempts. Yuri had similar issues in his youth and he knows exactly how hard it can be to maintain his body healthy and in good shape. He has created the program in collaboration with Amy Coates, a registered holistic nutritionist.

Yuri Elkaim was suffering from severe Alopecia in his teenage years. During this time he has lost all of his hair because of this autoimmune disease. All that doctors could do for him was to provide rapid fixes in the form of injections. In the search to find a solution for this problem, Yuri has made extensive research in the field of holistic nutrition. It seemed that the root of the problem was food poisoning. He accumulated different toxins in his body, due to the consumption of processed foods over many years.

Total Wellness Cleanse Details

Total Wellness Cleanse is a program that lasts 30 days, a period of time in which you are helped to detoxify your body. There are two phases in the beginning, lasting 14 days each. The first phase is the one of cleansing and the second one is the maintenance phase. In two weeks of the cleansing phase, you will have to eat only natural and organic foods. The main goal is to free the liver of toxins and to make it fully functional. After the first phase, your body should stop having cravings for different foods and sweets. In the maintenance phase, you will get a set of recipes that you can use for maintaining the healthy body you have achieved after the first phase. There is a third phase, in which you will receive the Candida Cleansing Guide.

The program works by neutralizing all the negative effects that artificial foods, genetically modified foods, xenoestrogens and pesticides can have on the human body. Pesticides can enter our bodies when we eat fruits and vegetables that have been treated with these substances for minimizing crop losses. Artificial additives are contained in many of the processed foods people buy today. All the foods you need to eat for cleansing your body come in the Recipe Guide, which is well-structured and looks awesome. You can have a first look at the recipes and see if you can actually get all the ingredients and prepare the foods.

An example of artificial additive is BHA, which can be found in the majority of processed foods. Even if it has been declared responsible for cancer, this additive is used on a large scale, from cosmetic products to foods that humans eat, to pet foods. In the United States, ninety percent of the corn found on the market is genetically modified. Xenoestrogens are not well-known, but they are present in many foods and cosmetics. They can have negative effects on the human body, such as causing cancers and decreasing fertility for both men and women.

The author says that the program is so efficient that the results are seen even after returning to the old eating habits. You have to be fully prepared to make a change in your life if you really want this program to help you. The results can be seen in a matter of weeks after you begin the cleansing process. Any fat that has been built in your body over time can now be eliminated. There will be certain effects for your body once you become cleansed: feeling like you are full of energy, minimizing the cravings for certain foods, stimulating the immune system and losing weight in a natural way.


  • By using the program, you will benefit from a natural cleansing and detoxification of your body.
  • You will be able to lose weight naturally, without taking any pills or supplements.
  • Your immune system will be stimulated, helping your body to stay away from any type of disease.
  • This program can be the best options for people who have been diagnosed with medical conditions that require a healthy living.
  • The information contained in the program is as detailed as the one provided by a professional who works “per hour”.
  • You can actually replace the advice of many professionals with the purchase of this guide and save money.
  • It would cost you a fortune to pay professionals to give you all this information.
  • Despite the detailed information and the amount of details, the program is easy to follow and well-structured.
  • The digital version can be instantly downloaded and there is also a physical version of the guide.
  • There is a Starter Kit so you can easily get into the basics and better understand the information from the beginning.
  • The customer services is great, helping you to receive a response to any inquiry in about 24 hours.
  • The theory is backed up by actionable plans.
  • You can find any of the ingredients from the Recipe Guide in regular grocery stores.


  • A complete change in your lifestyle is required and some people may not be prepared for such a drastic change.
  • Because of the way the information is presented, the program may seem a bit technical to some people.
  • The program may be viewed as expensive in comparison to other similar products on the market.

The main goals of Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim are: to make people aware of the negative effects that most processed foods can have on their bodies and to help them detoxify, eliminate excess fat and become healthier. Doctors usually address the health problems by providing just fixes, not treating the actual root of the problem. You can do it yourself by getting this wonderful program. If your doctor has told you that you need a change in your lifestyle, this program is exactly what you need.

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