The Ultra Simple Diet Review

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The Ultra Simple Diet ReviewThe Ultra Simple Diet is stated to be a 7 day program that releases inflammation and toxicity from the body. However, continuing the program for eight weeks will give the dieter better results. Be prepared to make a change in your cupboards and refrigerator. Several foods must be eliminated in order to produce the best results.

How It Works

The dieters consume a lemon juice and hot water mixture everyday and encouraged to consume a special made vegetable broth three to four times a day. Lunch and dinner consists of steamed vegetables, brown rice, non-citrus fruits and either chicken breast or fish.

To encourage a loss of toxins, it is recommended to use herbal supplements and laxatives.

How To Use

Before beginning the program read over what is expected of you during the seven day period of dieting. There is a massive elimination list of certain foods. Some dieters may experience withdrawal symptoms and may not be able to continue the program.

Recipes are included to prepare in advance for foods and beverages to take with you to work or outside events. The broth recipe is enough to sustain you for one week.

What You Receive

The seven-day diet plan is said to remove the toxic foods and common food allergens from our body. The author of this diet claims the program is great in jump starting your metabolism while safely losing up to 10 pounds in seven days. Please note: all qualified weight loss programs recommend 2 lbs a week to be the safest amount to lose and keep off.

Original Purpose Of Program

The original purpose of this program was not as a weight loss program, per the author. The author experimented in ways to help people feel better by reducing foods that cause inflammation and toxins to the body. The side effects were to include, better sleep, more energy, better looking skin, decrease joint pain, enhanced waste elimination, and fewer chronic discomforts.

A lesson learned on this program was the foods that make people sick are also the same foods that cause weight gain. Consuming the wrong foods can create sickness. By changing the foods you consume can promote better health along with a significant weight loss.

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Lean chicken or fish
  • Water or Green Tea
  • Costly in purchasing specific items
  • Not family friendly
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and flu-like symptoms

This particular diet is addressed with warnings. If health problems exist the diet may interact with certain medications. It is recommended to consult with a qualified physician before trying the Ultra Simple Diet.

The weight loss of this program may totally be due to loss of water and laxative use. The author explains the side effects are a good sign that your body is eliminating toxins.

Detoxing program should be continued with caution due to the side effects. Dehydration and dizziness can become a dangerous side effect, as well as, constipation.

Where To Buy

This program is not necessary to purchase. The author has made the details of his diet open to everyone on-line. The Ultra Simple Meal Plan is described in menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner including morning & afternoon snacks.

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    Carol Davis Oct 29, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Well, it is in fact common sense to eat right. We need to watch what we eat because it really make who we are. So the message is really simple, avoid to much food indulgences. The good thing of purchasing the book is I am guided properly.

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