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Unapologetically Powerful ReviewDo you want to lift more weight than you previously used to? If yes, then Unapologetically Powerful is ultimately all what you need because it is specially designed with the aim of helping you lift more weight than you previously did in mind.

So, what is Unapologetically Powerful? It is a comprehensive program that contains a unique collection of some of the best and most efficient weightlifting workouts for persons seeking a good fitness level so as to win in all their weightlifting competitions. It is also ideal for beginners and experienced weightlifters alike. The program is crafted Jen Sinkler & JVN , with the aim of helping people lift more weight than they previously used to in mind. The program has been proven to be effective unlike lots of similar programs out there. All the weightlifting strategies and techniques covered by this program are from professionals, and hence all the information that is featured in the program is credible and it can help you lift more weight as long as you follow it to the letter.

Unapologetically Powerful Details

The program focuses on showing you three variations in weightlifting, which are all crucial to winning in the bench, squat as well as deadlift. The program is performed inside a power rack while the bar is carefully set up on safety pins at the height where the bar will be once the weightlifter is in the bottom of their squat. Here are three variations that are covered in this program.

  • Don’t get stuck in the hole-Go down with the lifter until you get to the bottom of your position and then start there. Once you get stronger in the lift, you can then move the pins lower. Bring down the barbell to the safety bars and then pause for a moment prior to standing back up again.
  • Stop cheating your death squat to a box- this can help build strength in your bottom position, hence enabling you to work gradually to a lower depth devoid of forcing yourself.
  • Stop getting folded like a taco: front-loaded squats: by the virtue of strengthening your upper back muscles, core and quadruples, front-loaded squats do a great job of targeting all these muscles. That is why the program is designed to ensure that even people have just started lifting weight can hit a lower depth with just front-loaded squats. For those that want a more comfortable position, all they have to do is to place the bar on their shoulder muscles, instead of lifting it on their shoulder joints.

Apart from these three variations that can help weightlifters win in their bench squat and deadlift, the program also has some powerful features that sets it apart from lots of similar programs out there. Here are some of the features of Unapologetically Powerful

  • It is tailored at helping weightlifters lift more weight than they previously did, in addition to being designed to help them squat over more pounds.
  • The program gets rid of the stretch reflex meant to enable you bounce out of your bottom of the squat. Instead, the program focuses on building authentic strength that is derived from a dead-position, which can be quite helpful whenever you are supposed to get into a deep squat position for purposes of picking up a heavy object.
  • It teaches how to do barbell front squats so as to help you reduce your risk of sustaining injuries. It advocates the need to have your elbows remain pointed forward, which doesn’t only stop you from dropping the barbell, but most importantly help ensure that you don’t risk getting injuries in the process of doing your barbell front squats.
  • Unlike other similar programs, Unapologetically Powerful takes about 2 to 3 steps back away from the position of the rack.
  • The program makes it easier for weightlifters to lift more weight than they previously did, devoid of them having to train with very heavy weights.


Unapologetically powerful has a number of pros that definitely sets it apart from other similar programs that are available online these days. Here are some of the pros of this program.

  • The program is a comprehensive, research-based and clinically proven program.
  • It is quite easy to follow even for beginners simply because it comes with workout sheets.
  • The unique training and bodybuilding program produces long-term results once followed properly.
  • It is highly reliable and very user-friendly.
  • It works for all weightlifters regardless of the type of their body.
  • It doesn’t only save money, but it also saves time as well.
  • It is ideal for both beginners and experienced weightlifters alike.


  • Like with other similar programs, Unapologetically Powerful has its fair share of cons as well. Below are some of its cons.
  • The program doesn’t produce instant results, thanks to the fact that it requires a lot of time and commitment. One needs to follow it for a couple of weeks for them to get any noticeable results.
  • The fact that this program is only available online means that it can’t be accessed by people who don’t have access to the internet.

Unapologetically Powerful is basically a program that is crafted to take your weightlifting experience to a whole new level. The good thing about it is that, you really don’t need to put on fancy gym clothes or go to the gym. All you have to do is to equip yourself with an intense desire to get ripped. Unapologetically Powerful is also designed to help you learn nearly all the right steps and strategies that you need to use in order to lift more weight than you previously did. Although you will be required to make a couple of changes in your routine life in order to get the most from this program, these changes are however quite essential thanks to the fact that these changes are beneficial to you. Once you put time and effort into Unapologetically Powerful, you are definitely going to get desirable results over time. As such, this program is worth your time, money and effort as long as you will follow it properly.

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