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VO Genesis ReviewDo you want to make significant cash within a short period of time? Do you want to grow richer and fulfil your dreams and desires? Yes, the VO Genesis will help you accomplish your objectives. This is a book that teaches the newest and easiest ways of making bulks of money. You need to trust the book now and give your thanks later. So, what does this book contain? Is it worth your money? Is it a scam? Read on to get perfect answers to these questions.

VO Genesis is a book authored by Jenny Lewis. It promises you that you will earn lots of money from the comfort of your home without trying too hard. Therefore, if you have failed to secure a job of your dreams then this book is ideal for you. In fact, this guide will show you how to work from whichever place: garage, bedroom, kitchen or elsewhere to make money that you have been merely dreaming of.

VO Genesis Review

Generally, VO Genesis is all about voiceovers. What does this mean? This book gives the tips on how to land the best job and make money easily. Remember, voiceovers are very popular and highly demanded in today’s world. Note that there is no knowledge or skill needed in voiceovers. A unique sound and ability to read a piece of script is all that is needed.

However, to be a pro, you need some training to help you capture the art needed but this will only cost you some few cents. The outcome though will be rewarding more than your expectations. For example, do you ever realize how much money movie actors make? I can bet it is huge money. You can also become one if you make VO Genesis your friend. It will give you tips on how to start, how and where to improve and places to make cash with voiceovers.

The VO Genesis book contains all categories of voiceovers that are available. Once you identify the gap, it will further guide you on how to start. You will analyze your skills and choose the best voiceover for you. The author also teaches you how to design a voiceover studio of your own in your home. This means that you will work at your time of convenience and nobody will require you to leave your home.

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Finally, the program will guide you on how to find gigs that will help you get enough money for your survival. Remember, each voice is unique in its own way and bear in mind that producers will love to produce movies and documentaries in different unique voices. Perhaps your voice is on a high demand but you are not aware. Why can’t you open up and increase your chances of growing richer? You may be a hotcake for producers. Additionally, this program offers negotiation skills that will help your double your income. It is also based on personalized examples.


The advantages of VO Genesis book are many but we will focus on the major ones.

  • The book does not contain “bogus” information. It contains the real information on where and how to get the gigs to generate money. This means that you will directly put the information into practice without tweaking anything.
  • VO Genesis program is easy to follow, read and understand. Remember, the easy the book, the faster the results. The tips are clearly defined hence no interpretation is needed.
  • The 60 day guarantee makes you secure on your investment. This is because the money back guarantee policy gives you chance to demand your money back if it does not produce the results that you expected. However, there is no doubt that this book may disappoint you unless you develop a negative attitude towards it.
  • The VO Genesis book can both be used by beginners and those with experience. For beginners, they can use it to learn the tips on how to know the uniqueness of their voices and how to use voiceovers to make money. Experienced people can use it to identify new opportunities in life for a better living.
  • The program is cheap and flexible. The fact that this program requires least expenses and requires you to work from home makes it one of the best strategies to make money.
  • It offers negotiation tips that helps you to land at a double or triple income in you’re the deals that you engage in. The tips are such friendly and convincing to an extent of making your producer happy hence forcing them to double/triple your payment.
  • The tips and advices are organized in a neat manner. This makes it easier for you to read and follow. Moreover, this makes the book appealing and interesting to read.
  • Categorization of voiceovers in a chronological order. Typically, voiceovers exist in a variety of categories. This may be hectic to understand your category; especially is you are a beginner. The categorization offered in this program makes everything simple and achievable.


The greatest disadvantage of VO Genesis program is, it needs someone who inputs efforts before outputting the best results. You must use your time to read it carefully, understand and put what you have read into practice. Effort is difficult to get since many people love documents which are in video and audio form.


It goes without saying that VO Genesis is the best guide to market yourself to producers as a goo voice actor. It will teach you the basics and as a result, you will grow very quickly in the industry. Why should you die poor whereas you have a unique voice that can earn you millions? It is important to get this book, learn all these basics and wait for success to follow you. You will soon get the route to financial stability if you choose to follow the advice.

Critics have been there. Some people claim that this program is a scam but the guaranteed results have silenced those critics. Why should you fear getting a copy when there is money-pay-back policy? Give it a trial. It is not a scam since no false promises are given. It really works!

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Great method to make money online using a voice over. Highly recommended.

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