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Webinar JEO Software ReviewWhat’s so cool about Webinar JEO?

Want to learn and share some deep knowledge about any topic? Well surely, for those people Webinar is the ideal place. And if you do not know what webinar is– here is the definition.
The webinar is the short form of ‘Web-based seminar’. Basically, a webinar is a presentation, lecture or seminar where you can transmit data via web videos. It is conferencing software which has the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real time. Not only videos, but you can also share audios and documents too.

But the time is gone for the webinar. No, I meant ‘only’ webinar. This is the time for webinar JEO. Created by Walt Bayliss, Webinar JEO is the latest technology which is built on Amazon’s scalable S3 technology. It is a live based webinar platform with a uncountable number of events. Webinar JEO is coupled with several advanced options like live chat option, whiteboard screen sharing option and bunch of tips which will surely blow your mind. Not only that, webinar JEO is offering six bonuses which can be claimed easily by following some simple steps. And the best part is, everything is unlimited in the new version of the webinar. However, we may talk the talk, but are the features of the webinar JEO better than the previous one? Let’s find out.

Webinar JEO Features

Webinar JEO has ‘unlimited’ features, and by unlimited, I didn’t mean the features but the qualities of it. The features of the Webinar JEO are s follows:

  • True live-streaming technology – Now you have the true live streaming technology by which you can enhance the use of Webinar JEO.
  • Straight forward menu options – Webinar JEO has been simplified in various ways. To set a live seminar, you just have to click on ‘set up the webinar’; it is that simple.
  • Unlimited seats – The seats of attendees are not unlimited anymore; a great feature to include!
  • Live push notification – Live push notification to activate your Webinar JEO perfectly.
  • Registration page – Now you can even customise the registration page also!
  • Go live button – With the help of go live button, you can activate your camera and microphones for better results.
  • Whiteboard – This new feature is also added to attach illustrations or to write a summary for helping attendees.
  • Interactive features – The interactive features will help you to interact with people more easily. The chat tab helps you to engage with your guests.
  • Live trigger CTAs.
  • One click mute to reduce background noises.
  • Built-in lead management.
  • Immersive experience.
  • Social media integration.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Live polling and survey.

And apart from all these features, Webinar JEO has some other features which are exclusive to them only. Those are as follows:

  • Recorded live Webinars – Now you can record live any webinars without any hassle.
  • Interactive whiteboard – As discussed above, this option is exclusive to Webinars JEO only.
  • Pro DFY Webinars page.
  • Attendance monitors to track attendees.
  • Attendance rocket.
  • Plug and profit webinars.
  • Live polling– Live polling was limited to the previous Webinar version, now it has been set as unlimited.
  • Live quizzes– Unlike the previous webinar, live quizzes have also been made unlimited.
  • Unlimited webinars– Like unlimited seats, webinars are unlimited too.

Pricing system
Only $297 year or $37/month.

But this is not it. Like the icing on top of cake, Webinar JEO is saturated with lots of bonuses worth $5000! Let’s check it out.

  • Bonus #1: Trading inside bars– If you had ever wished for the simple trading system, welcome to trading inside bars of Webinar JEO. You will get 100% reliable system with lots of free sample of how to do it.
  • Bonus #2: Build your own $5000 looking WordPress website– Now you can build your own $5000 looking WordPress looking website for the purpose of business. Starting any new business can be hard and getting customers is harder than anything else. But with this bonus of Webinar JEO, the process has been simplified, and you can enjoy building your own business website without any hassles.
  • Bonus #3: Full SEO– You can get a bonus of Full SEO for your website to control traffics. This bonus course aims to drive your visitors to your website and in this way you can prosper in your business.
  • Bonus#4: Social Media Marketing– Another new feature bonus is Social Media marketing especially for the start-ups. Social media marketing is crucial for new start-ups, and now with the help of Webinar JEO, you can do this marketing free of cost.
  • Bonus #5: Make $90+ easily without any traffic! – Now you can make $90+ a day without any traffic, and no SEO is required. With the new bonus offer of Webinar JEO, you can achieve this easily.
  • Bonus #6: Tube Traffic Alchemy + OTOs– Now you can easily avail Tube Traffic Alchemy and OTOs with the help of Webinar JEO, and it comes as a bonus!
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However, Webinar JEO may be filled with so many features and bonuses; still, every product has their shares of advantages as well as disadvantages. While talking about these, here we will first discuss the advantages of having this software.


  • Money save – Instead of conducting seminars at some rented place; you can conduct it without leaving your comfort zone like your room or office room. And all these can happen with a little money investment.
  • Simple to handle – Webinars JEO is simple to handle. It is straight forward without any complications. Now with the advanced features, it may seem a bit complicated, but Webinars JEO has already provided excellent tutorials to explain everything.
  • Strong business presence – With the help of Webinars JEO, now you can be always in touch with your clients and can establish a strong business bond. Apart from communicating with clients; you can communicate with you employees easily and conduct training without much hassle.
  • Recorded web seminars – The new option to record live webinars will help your attendees to fully understand the presentation by revising it.
  • Interactive – Not only that, Webinar JEO is extremely interactive. With the help of live chat option, you and your attendees can interact with each other easily. In this way, you can easily build a strong connectivity with your audience.
  • Have closer relationship – Now you can have a closer relationship with your clients due to easy communication. You can maintain your relationship through online meetings, product release notification and training.
  • Brand awareness – Brand awareness can be increased with the help of Webinar JEO if you use Webinar to produce good quality content and not just some sales pitch.
  • Huge bonus – And obviously, the bonus. The webinar is offering huge bonus worth $5000! Now you can just invest $297 and in return can use a huge amount of money.


Only internet speed can pose as a disadvantage. Otherwise, Webinars JEO has no other disadvantage.


So, considering the above points, Webinar JEO is much better than the previous version and obviously a good option to invest your money. With this, you will have the liberty of arranging seminars and have as many attendees as possible. Not only that, it is a way of money saving too. Obviously, Webinar JEO is worth the investment.

8.5 Total Score
Great Solution!

It is a very effective webinar software and much cheaper the competitors. We recommend it to anyone!

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