Weight Watchers Review

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Weight Watchers ReviewWeight watchers plan is a popular concept among dieters who are looking for successful weight loss. Weight Watchers plan is an amazing conception that began 40 years ago among a few friends who gathered in the house of Jean Nidetch in Queens to discuss dieting ideas and tips for weight loss. The astounding success of the weight watcher diet plan for weight loss can be seen in the fact that from such a humble private gathering between friends, it has developed into a full-fledged nature public company with nearly 50000 people on its roll in more than 30 countries around the globe.

The program teaches participants about specific food groups that should be included in their diet. The program used to be called the 1-2-3 Success but now it is called Winning Points. Participants come together in meetings where they learn about these foods. Each food has a particular point value. Food labels and ingredients can be checked against a list of food values and computations can be made using a Points Finder.

Behind Weight Watchers Success:

The successful run of Weight watchers plan as one of the most practical model lies in its simple philosophy of dieting. Weight watchers have no definite diet plans, as dieting is just a part of an overall plan to maintain and uphold a physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy and enriching lifestyle for them.

Weight watchers continue to command a strong following of people trying to lose weight due to the reasons given below:

  • The plan has no diet sheet, but provides you the info and advice to help you make the best choice
  • It offers you emotional support and motivation necessary for weight loss
  • Local meetings provide a platform to share tips, advice and info
  • Meetings allow members to support and encourage each other
  • It helps you stay on track with healthy comparisons among members

Weight Watchers Approaches:

You have different approaches or options to make use of the Weight watchers plan, namely;

Weight Watchers TurnAround: it offers you two choices, Flex plan Core plan, out of which you can pick one that fits you best. Both the plans are simple, easy, nutritious and satisfying.

The Flex plan is based on the points system, where you can,

  • Have the foods you love
  • Enjoy whole range of food options, making choices with the point system in mind
  • Choose any food as long as you can limit yourself
  • Handle any food challenge even with limited choices

The Core plan has no counting system and allows you,

  • Have wholesome foods without counting
  • Eat from all food groups, be it fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat or grains
  • Occasional treat in restricted amounts

Weight Watchers Meetings: meetings are held once in a week for half an hour work. It helps you to,

  • Track your progress with the confidential weigh-in once a week
  • Learn to make the right choices on eating and exercise
  • Exchange tips, advices, recipes, practical experiences etc
  • Acquire tips on Weight Watchers TurnAround
  • Sign up for the Internet weight-loss companion for meetings, Weight Watchers eTools etc
  • Get expert advice from professionals
  • Coaching and exchange

Weight Watchers eTools: it helps you to manage your food and weight with great amount of success. You can,

  • Chart your progress and see your rewards online with weight tracker
  • Access innovative and interactive tools for daily food choices management
  • Sample recipes and meal ideas for both flexi as well as core plans
  • Connect with the online weight loss community, day and night
  • Stay motivated and informed

Weight Watchers At Home:

You can also get the weight watchers plan at home. Even if there are no weight watchers meeting near your locality, you can avail the weight loss plans and information from them.

Why Weight Watchers?

Weight watchers have more to do with the control on the portion of food than on the type of food. If you sincerely adhere to the Weight Watchers weight loss plan, results would start showing as early as the first week with a most probable weight loss of at least one or two pounds. Every five pounds that are lost also merits rewards and if you keep track of the entire program, at 10 percent loss and until the goal weight is reached.

Weight Watchers has gone from strength to strength over the years though it has been operating basically in the form of a club. And with the holistic approach of offering ways and means of weight loss that are more than just a diet plan , Weight Watchers would undoubtedly be the right, ideal and perfect choice for the overweight and the obese.

If you have been bogged down by the harrowing experiences you have undergone in your quest for weight loss, it is high time you look out for the Weight Watchers Plan to get to a healthy and better lifestyle.

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