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WiredTreeIs WiredTree a Good Web Hosting Provider?

Today’s world is the world of technology and innovation that is why the world has transformed into the global village. Companies and different industries can not survive in this world unless they equip themselves with the technology and its tools. The Internet has changed the whole way of doing business in this world. In fact, the internet has more impact on the human life now a day than any other thing.

Companies are now looking for the new market segment to sell their products and online business is the amazing opportunity for that. E-commerce has made it possible for the manufacturer and the customer to interact with each other directly without the need of wholesale dealer.

This all is possible because of the official websites and to create those websites we require the web hosting services. The web hosting is the major tool to create, design and then operate any kind of website. Mostly companies who want to go from local market to global they make the websites by using this web hosting services.

Wired Tree History:

Wired Tree emerged on the surface of web hosting in 2006. Since the establishment of the company, it has been on the journey of the success. The company is currently serving all over the US and the headquarter is in the Chicago. The experts of this company have made it one of the most versatile and innovative company among its competitors.

Company core mission is to provide their client with one of the best web hosting service ever in the history of web hosting. The team of the company contains one of the world-class experts in the field of computer and internet. That’s why this company has an edge over its competitors. Because it has proved its existence and the customer satisfaction rate of the company is up to the mark.

The team leader which is also the president of the Wired Tree “Zac Cogswell” has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information and technology. In the leadership of Zac company has grown rapidly and achieved the milestone within a decade. This shows us the expertise this team leader has and just like that the other team members of the Wired Tree are also an expert in their respective field.

The company has set a specific goal which creates the solid structure in order to resolve the customer issues and problems. Now the market strength of the industry is so strong that no other information and technology industry can compete with it in the field of web hosting. The company makes the breakthrough many times in the market through its marvelous innovation. As the decade of experience company has now which they use to deal with diverse nature of the customer.

Web Hosting Details:

Along with the Wired Tree Web hosting making a website was never too easy before. The company has changed the way to create new web server both for public and private sectors. As we know that there are several stages for business. Some business is very large and some are working at a small level but both can go globally by having their own website.

In order to do so, they require a web hosting company and hire their services as they can guide the business person that how their website will work and what should they put on the website to attract the audience. Online business is very successful because now a day’s life is so fast that people want to save their time and that’s why to visit websites. Wired Tree web hosting gives a different kind of packages for the different standard of business so that they can afford and take benefit of their amazing offers.

Wired Tree provides the comprehensive products to their customer, unlike the other companies who provide the basic guideline and other tools. This company provides the full secure and managed products. Following are the three basic products of the company:

1. Managed VPS Hosting:

This is the most famous product of Wired Tree which gives the complete package to their customer who wants the private web hosting. As this is usually used by the individual and the large companies. On the purchase of this product, a special discount is available which further gives the customer more satisfaction regarding company performance. As they come with one of the best plans for their customer the standard plan of VPS hosting available for the customer has following features:

  • Super Micro Servers built by Wired Tree
  • Intel Dual Xeon CPUs
  • Location Route-Optimized Tier-1 Bandwidth
  • 2 IPs Included
  • 100% Node & Network Uptime SLAs
  • CentOS Linux 7 x64 OS

Extra Services:

  • Guaranteed RAM $7.50 per 512MB
  • Additional IPs $2 per IP
  • Pure SSD Disk Space $2 per GBSSD
  • Accelerated Disk Space $1 per GB

2. Manages Hybrid Servers:

As the name suggest that this server is hybrid means the combination of old and new technology this product provides the massive power the VPS servers. As it has ultimate high performance and quality which can increase the work efficiency, more storage space, and more secure system. This product of Wired Tree is no doubt the best VPS server product ever come in the market. The standard plan of this product is given below:

Super Micro Servers built by WiredTreeDual Intel Xeon CPUsLarger Disk I/O Capacity than VPS100% Node & Network Uptime SLAsCentOS Linux 7 x64Burstable CPU up to 24 CoresFree Backups Included (R1Soft)CentOS Linux 7 x64

It is further divided into two different packages which are:

  • Pure SSD Hybrid Server
  • SSD-Accelerated Hybrid

3. Managed Dedicated Server:

As the name suggest these servers just act as a backup for you whenever customer face any problem this server is there to help them to resolve the issue the standard plan of the dedicated server is same like the two mentioned above. But it has different packages which are:

  • Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5
  • Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5

The above mentioned dedicated servers have different features but both are best in performance the only difference is the speed as one is used for small companies’ web hosting and the other is used when the problem occurs in the websites of big companies just like brands official websites.

Web Hosting Features:

Wired Tree provides one of the best webs hosting services and in order to make them efficient and brilliant they are equipped with modern day technology as some of the features of the company products are listed below:

Hand-Built Servers:

This is so far the best feature of the company as their products are totally handmade which means each of the team members works hard to produce the state of the art servers. All the VPS made by the company contain highly efficient nodes which use the dual core or the hexacore Intel CPU. Each server is made with the latest generation of the computer core. The handmade server has developed the new market for the company as no other competitor can match the reliability and quality of the Wired Tree products. Either you are looking to build the blog or website you may require the server so the handmade servers of Wired Tree are the best choice for this purpose. Thus grab this opportunity and take control of the website using the custom made and fully secure web server.

Free Migrations

The company doesn’t let the customers be disappointed if their previous provider didn’t work well for them whenever a client from the other company comes to the WiredTree they always hold their hand and introduce their marvelous product to their customers. The control panel through this company provide migration are listed below:

  • cPanel
  • Plesk on Linux
  • Direct Admin
  • Ensim/Parallels Pro

This does not end here if the control panel is not from the above list then they search down the server client was using previously and provide the alternative for that this is the main reason why the customer satisfaction rate of the WiredTree is too good.

Level Ups

This is the additional feature of the Wired Tree as the company always frequently update their products with the regular interval of time. The additional space and memory provided by the company can enhance the working of the server you purchased from the company. Every time the company upgrade its servers the level up option occurs on the server of all the existing clients which finally allow them to get benefit from this feature by just clicking on that option. Through this plan, the servers always stay up to date which is very necessary in order to fight with the scam and hackers which are looking for the loopholes all over the world.

Grove Client Portal

In order to determine what is the status of your server just visit this amazing feature of the company which helps you to keep track of the data usage and the space left on the server also it describes the performance of the servers. This feature helps you to take control of the server by choosing which program should run on the server or to stop it all in your hands now but it can only happen if you are the client of WiredTree.


This is the unique feature provided by the WiredTree as in this feature the servers or networks of the client are connected to the one central network of the company. Which provides the client approach to our both private and public connections through the portal system. This is further connected to VLAN’s system of the company for the additional security.

The company provides the free server to server traffic which allows the client server to work more efficiently and through this the client can connect with the variety of services provided by the Wired Tree.


Either you are running a small website or large there are always options available for you if you want to move between the different product of the company. Like you can from the Basic VPS system to the Hybrid VPS system which is much more reliable and efficient than the previous one. This shows the flexibility the company provides and this can be done without any extra charges which are another golden card for the clients who want to grow their business and make it more secure.

The Pros & Cons of WiredTree Web Hosting Services


There are many advantages of using this company server system for the web hosting than any other. Like this company y allows the client to switch between the different packages also it allows the client to use the portal to keep the track of their data usage and performance. So keeping in view these things we can say that the company has lots of user-friendly features and gadgets which make the use of server easier. The company biggest advantage is its high-quality security system which keeps the valuable data of the client very secure and doesn’t let any hacker to come near to the client server.


The few disadvantages of the company are that they don’t allow the use of more than one server at a time if you are using the Basic VPS server and want to use the Hybrid then you have to switch the program or server but you can’t keep both at the same time. Company products are expensive as compared to the other companies’ products that’s why usually big companies get to benefit from the company web hosting services.


After the thorough brief review of the company, we can say that this is one of the most innovative and creative web server company ever exist. The success story of the company tells us that how far they have come within just one decade. Surely WiredTree has made his ground very firmly than any other web hosting company ever did. The environment of the Wired Tree is friendly they’re dealing with the client is amazing and the way the give their service is even more eye-catching. The company is equipped with all the necessary high-tech tools required in this technology world. So if you are looking to build the server in order to make the website more secure just grab the opportunity and contact this amazing web hosting service company.

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