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Yeastrol ReviewIf you’ve ever suffered from a yeast infection you know how sore, itchy and plain embarrassing it can be. Did you know that as much as 75% of adult women have suffered from at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime. Studies show that of this number, over 40% are plagued by recurring yeast infections. And what about men? Yes, they can get it too, particularly after sexual contact with an infected partner. So what can we do about it? Luckily there are treatments that can help to alleviate the symptoms, and some can even help get rid of yeast infections altogether. Yeastrol is one such product that claims to be able to do just that. In this Yeastrol review we’re going to look at the pros and cons of this product, and find out whether it really works.

What Is Yeastrol?

This is a popular homeopathic yeast infection treatment. It is non prescription and can be used to treat various forms of yeast infection safely and effectively. All the ingredients are completely natural so there are no side effects. Many people prefer this to a topical product as it treats the different symptoms of yeast infection from the inside, thereby offering a permanent solution rather than just temporary relief.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients used in the Yeastrol formulation were careful chosen by top experts in homeopathy. The science of homeopathy is based on the premise that there are many natural substances that can stimulate the body’s own healing processes. The natural ingredients used in this product are completely safe, non toxic, and have no known drug interactions. The following are just a few of the ingredients and their use:

Baptista Tinctoria 3X
Treats burning during urination and works for overall pains and soreness including sore head, throat problems etc.

Candida Albicans 12X
For fungal infections caused by Candida albicans, this eases vaginal discomfort, itching and discharge in women.

Candida parapsilosis 12X
For fungal infections and symptoms of candidiasis – itching, soreness and symptoms of yeast infection

Echinacea Augustifolia 3X
Eases symptoms of thrush, increases energy, helps treat frequent urination and burning sensations

For more detailed information on the ingredients in this product and how they work just visit the official website.

How To Use Yeastrol

It’s as simple as taking 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times per day.

  • Treats all kinds of yeast infections – oral thrush, skin rash, diaper rash, both male and female yeast infections
  • Many yeast infection treatments only fix the problem temporarily – Yeastrol provides a permanent solution to yeast infections.
  • No known side effects – only completely safe and natural ingredients are used.
  • Value for money – get up to 2 bottles free (with the purchase of select packages)
  • 24-7 customer support
  • 90 day return policy – if you’re not happy with the product you can get your money back

Because Yeastrol provides a permanent cure for yeast infection it can take longer to work than some of the other more temporary solutions. For best results you should use Yeastrol for approximately 4-6 months and you will no longer experience recurring infections.

Where To Buy Yeastrol

Yeastrol is not available to buy in stores. The cheapest (and most trustworthy) place to purchase is on the official website.

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