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Zitobox ReviewIs online gaming your cup of tea? Do you find yourself addicted to online games? Then, my dear friend, Zitobox is made just for you. Don’t know the details about it? Well, in that case, all you need is to take an insight into this piece of content and enlighten yourself about the know-how of zitobox and it’s amazingly mind blowing lucrative features. When online gaming comes with real rewards and awards then the actual fun begins. Isn’t it? With zitobox, you would not only found yourself enveloped with wonderful games to play online but also get amazing gifts and coupons to redeem in the reality. When the virtual world endows you with the real gifts the joy doubles.

The vivid range of online games having superb animations and great sound quality will make you addicted towards it. But dear fella this addiction is not going to harm you in any way. Since the rewards are so tempting and alluring that you want to indulge in it with full dedication and gain all potential rewards for yourself. So we can say that zitobox is interestingly good and economically beneficial as well. Let’s take a sneak peak over the details of the zitobox and its impressive features. And let’s know why it has taken place as one of the favorite online gameplay among the gamers in the recent past.

Zitobox Details:

The latest game portal to go live these days is Zitobox. It allows the gamers to play some of the most amazing games absolutely for free. GameZBoost XML APi Platform is been used by the zitobox to make the online games more vivid and interesting. A fascinating feature of getting rewards which can be redeemed in the real life has attracted a lot of people towards it. Once getting an access to zitobox, the games you’ll find would not only from the action and racing field but also from the latest casino and poker as well. You would find slot games, strategy, and arcade games. You would find a wide range of gaming options and can play according to your preference.

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Now let us know how zitobox works. For indulging in the amazing games from zitobox all that you need is to have an access to the zitobox and sign up with them. Once you get signed up you will start earning the zito points even if you haven’t started playing the games yet. As soon you start playing the zito points will get added to your account. The more you play, and the more you make the wins, the more zito points will keep on adding to your account. The loyalty program of zitobox will make your zito points the real points by the end of the day.

The zito points are so beneficial that one can make use of them with huge brands like Walmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Lowes and JC Penny. When playing an online game can give such enthralling offers what else one wants? It not only makes the playing more interesting but also gives the zeal to indulge in it more often. When one can save some extra bucks while simply playing online games the level of enthusiasm to play elevates manifolds. Another alluring feature of having zito points is one can also get the gift cards that can be redeemed in other luxuries of life. The gift cards can be made use of for getting accommodations in some of the finest hotels and resorts all around the world. One can get great dining experiences, and fabulous sporting opportunities to grab upon. Even the price of flights can be made cheaper with the help of zito points.


The largest and prevalent online gaming platform Zitobox comes with a lot of pros. It is a must play social media gaming platform for the online game lovers. Even if you are a newbie in the field of online gaming you can easily try a hand on Zitobox. No wonder you would end up becoming a hardcore fan of Zitobox. If you are still giving second thoughts about it then let’s ponder upon the major features and advantages of zitobox that it endows to its players:

  • The wonderful zitobox that has managed to attract a number of gamers in a short span of time was launched officially in the United States. But on today’s date, it can be accessed through Facebook as well. With time it has become one of the most played social media online game and one of the most preferred as well.
  • Zitobox has managed to make its permanent place in the fastest growing game club very soon. All thanks to the zito points. Once you log in you’ll start earning the zito points in your loyalty account. As soon you start playing the vivid range of lucrative games, the zito points will keep on increasing in your account.
  • Zito points are worth having as they make you save some extra money in your pocket. Since zitobox has a pact with some of the huge brands like Walmart and Sears, you can redeem the zito points in their store. Apart from these, the zito points could also be used with high rated brands like JC Penny, kohl’s and Lowes.
  • The rewards in the form of zito points are also achieved as gift cards. These gift cards can make you enjoy the luxuries at some of the finest hotels and restaurants. The more you would play the more rewards you would be able to attain. One can also redeem them while flight bookings.
  • Zitobox is dedicated enough to set the level of digital gaming entertainment to another level. Since it adds one game every week, the players get the adrenaline rush to look upon the new exciting game with each passing day. This way the new players keep on adding and the existing ones retain forever.


Although the cons related with the zitobox are negligible but few points that make it little snag are:

  • It is not available in the iOS or Google play store, making the players stick to their laptop or PC to play the games.
  • The game has been launched in the US market. Other countries like Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand are still waiting for it for a launch. Although Facebook has it.

When gaming becomes productive the fun never ends and this is what the case with zitobox. The lucrative games of zitobox give digital entertainment and luxurious lifestyle both at the same time. You play and earn points; earn points and redeem them in the big stores; redeem and save some extra bucks in your pocket. Isn’t it wonderful? In a nutshell, it’s a win-win situation for the player from all the sides.

So, from the next time if someone gives the advice of not playing the online games too much and start throwing the disadvantages, enlighten them with the pros of zitobox. Show them how you play and earn zito points to save your pocket money. It won’t be a surprise if you would find them playing the games with the zitobox as well. Keep playing and keep earning. All the Best!

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Great Platform!

Social gaming is fun and quite addicting. This system is quite new but gaining popularity day by day.

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